Centennial Campaign for UCLA UCLA raises record $643 million in 2014–15

Total accelerates momentum of the Centennial Campaign for UCLA.

Science + Technology UCLA's augmented reality sandbox makes it rain

Virtual landscape lets students sculpt mountains and rivers.

Peter Kareiva to lead Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

Kareiva is a leading environmental scientist and vocal advocate for bringing scholarly disciplines together to solve problems.

Faculty voice: How to make digital currency work

UCLA Anderson professor Bhagwan Chowdhry explains why cash remains king for many.

There’s a difference between riots and rebellion

Dismissing urban unrest as aimless violence overlooks the roots of anger.

Media Guide to UCLA Experts
Darnell Hunt
How to find a UCLA expert

UCLA’s renowned faculty includes experts on many topics who are available to assist the news media. Use the Media Guide to Faculty Experts to find a professor or contact UCLA Media Relations and Public Outreach for help.

Selected topics: Politics | LGBT issues | Climate change | Health care policy