Science + Technology Better, cheaper solar cells

UCLA researchers use liquid ink to create film that absorbs energy more efficiently.

Environment + Climate Q&A: On taking evolution into our own hands

Biologist: Human-driven evolution affects diseases, bugs and more.

Laure Murat on 'The Man Who Thought He Was Napoleon'

The UCLA cultural historian explores the history of mental illness in revolutionary France.

This is your child’s brain on alcohol

Near-ubiquity of alcohol contributes to toll fetal alcohol spectrum disorders take on society, says director of UCLA Center for Community Health.

Solving health issues before they turn catastrophic

UCLA health care workers from nurses to cardiologists and ophthalmologists volunteered at this year's free clinic for the poor and underserved sponsored by Care Harbor.

Media Guide to UCLA Experts
Fighting California wildfire
Find a UCLA expert

Many UCLA faculty are leading authorities in their fields. Some areas of expertise that are currently in the news are listed below.

Wildfires | Climate change
Israel, Gaza and the Middle East
Immigration | Latin America

Chancellor Gene Block UCLA research
Technology and our internal sleep clocks

Chancellor Gene Block on the disruptions of jet lag, unusual hours and tablet screens.