If they choose to pay for it, UCLA faculty and staff can enroll in the ARAG legal plan, which is being offered with an enhanced identity theft benefit, during Open Enrollment.

The plan gives those enrolled access to basic, personal legal help. The plan provides online, over-the-phone or in-person access and covers specific legal services. These services are provided through ARAG at an annual cost to UC employees roughly equal to the average attorney rate of one or two hours at an attorney’s office. Attorney fees currently average $312 per hour.

The legal insurance plan helps mainly with routine preventive or defensive matters and should cover most legal needs.

Enhanced identity theft protection

If your identity has been compromised, an identity theft restoration specialist will help you restore your credentials. The specialist can work on your behalf to:

  • Cancel and replace credit cards, check books, driver's license, insurance cards and other documents.
  • Work with lenders, bureaus and courts as necessary.
  • Provide credit monitoring services designed to track and inform you of any activities or changes to your credit such as loan applications, credit card activations and purchases. Internet surveillance to see if your personal information is being traded or sold online is also provided.
  • Cover up to $1 million to reimburse costs associated with restoring your identity if you are the victim of identity theft.

Plan costs

Plan costs are remaining the same as last year’s costs.

Monthly Cost



Self plus adult


Self plus child(ren)


Self plus adult plus child(ren)


More information about the legal plan is available here.