Steven Nelson, professor of African and African-American art at UCLA, was recently named the Andrew W. Mellon Professor in the National Gallery of Art and awarded a two-year research fellowship at the museum’s center for advanced study in the visual arts.

The center is a research institute that fosters the study of production, use and cultural meaning of art, artifacts, architecture, photography and film worldwide. As the Mellon professor, Nelson will work on collaborative initiatives and pursue independent research while participating in the institute’s lectures and colloquia program.

“It will be a great pleasure to participate in its wonderful community of scholars for the next two years,” said Nelson, who is also a member of the UCLA International Institute. “The opportunity to devote my time to research, writing and intellectual exchange — not to mention immersion in the art and archives of the National Gallery as well as those of other Washington institutions — is simply invaluable for an art historian.”

Nelson joined UCLA’s art history department in 2000. He is published widely on topics in contemporary and historic arts, the architecture and urbanism of Africa and its diasporas, African-American art history and queer studies.

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