In anticipation of UCLA’s transition to UCPath, At Your Service Online will become “read-only” starting Aug. 30.

When logging into At Your Service Online after that date, employees will have access only to view and download pay statements and W2 forms, view retirement information, download employment verification and update beneficiary information. All other functions will be disabled.

Employees will have access to the UCPath portal beginning Sept. 23. To change or update personal information, access pay statements or view benefits, employees will need to utilize the portal. Instructions on accessing the program will be provided in the coming weeks.

If personal or payroll information needs to be changed between Aug. 30–Sept. 23, contact the UCPath Center to speak with an associate.

Please note that employees will continue to access At Your Service Online for historical and retirement information after UCPath goes live. Pay statements up to 18 months prior and W2’s for earnings before the UCPath Portal launch will also remain available.

Retirees are not affected by the transition to UCPath. Retirees will continue to have access to At Your Service Online as they do today and will be able to update their address, withholdings and direct deposit without interruption.

To prepare for these changes:

  • Log into At Your Service Online and verify that personal information is correct. This information will be converted directly to UCPath.
  • Ensure a single sign-on. It will be used to log into the UCPath portal. The UCLA Logon ID is the single sign-on for all UCLA employees. Health systems employees can also log in with a Mednet ID after creating a UCLA Logon ID.

For more information about UCPath and how to prepare, please visit the UCLA UCPath website.