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Be alert, Bruins: Share the road

Be Alert Bruins 2018
UCLA Transportation

To address safety concerns related to the increased types of vehicles and transportation options around campus — the latest of which debuted this week with the introduction of Lime-S electric scooters in Westwood — UCLA Transportation is launching its annual Be Alert Bruins driver safety campaign this April.

This year’s campaign, which is put on in partnership with UCLA Insurance and Risk Management and UCLA Environment, Health and Safety, focuses on sharing the road with others while driving on campus and in the surrounding area.

More than 75,000 people travel on campus each weekday, including staff, faculty, students and visitors. A population that large means there are a cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, bikes, skateboarders and pedestrians sharing the same roads. In addition, the substantial increase in the use of electric scooters and ride-hailing services like Lyft and Uber on campus means whether someone’s in a vehicle, on a bike or scooter, or simply walking, it’s important to share the road. UCLA Transportation designated ride-hailing pick-up locations on campus at the beginning of this academic year and issued an electronic scooter policy to address the introduction of these new transportation options.

Commuters can avoid collisions by using defensive driving practices:

Be aware of blind spots — all vehicles have them

  • Stay out of a vehicle’s blind spot, especially trucks, buses and vans
  • Be aware of your own blind spots, particularly when changing lanes, turning right or backing up

Scan the road for potential hazards both ahead and to the sides of your vehicle

  • Keep an eye out for bicyclists who may not see you
  • Be careful around large trucks parked on the street that are making deliveries
  • Slow down for buses and vans loading and unloading passengers
  • Watch for pedestrians who enter the crosswalk against the red light

Expect the unexpected, including:

  • Bicyclists passing on the right when one is making a right turn
  • Parked vehicles suddenly pulling out from the curb
  • Car doors opening into traffic
  • Jaywalkers crossing the street outside marked crosswalks

Avoid distraction and maintain a 360-degree awareness around one’s vehicle

  • Scan your mirrors every 5 to 8 seconds
  • Never text, eat, or groom while driving

Be a patient and courteous driver

  • Always adhere to the 20 mph campus speed limit
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