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Be alert, Bruins: Utility carts are not toys

Be alert, Bruins utility cart safety campaign

UCLA Transportation is launching its annual Be Alert Bruins driver safety campaign. This year, the focus is on utility cart safety on campus.

According to UCLA’s vehicle loss data, 13 incidents involving utlity carts have occurred since 2011, resulting in two serious injuries. Five of those incidents occurred in 2016.

UCLA has experienced a variety of incidents in recent years, including unsecured cargo falling from carts, a cart losing control and striking a wall, a pedestrian being struck and passengers being ejected from the cab of the cart.

As small, agile vehicles that typically operate in close proximity to pedestrians, utility carts pose a unique safety risk. Many operate off-road on sidewalks, paths and even across campus lawns. They are also difficult to hear, as most are powered electrically and produce little engine noise.

Collisions are preventable by simply employing defensive driving practices. Some of these include:

  • Wearing a seat belt or using handholds;
  • Properly securing cargo;
  • Adhering to speed limit for carts;
  • Being cautious around pedestrians;
  • Keeping hands and feet inside the cart at all times;
  • Avoiding off-road hazards, such as sprinkler heads, poles/bollards, potholes and debris;
  • And parking the cart in a safe location.

Whether you are a driver, passenger or pedestrian, utility cart safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Take the UCLA Transportation online driver safety quiz to be automatically entered to win one of four emergency kits (a $49.95 value). All entries for the quiz must be received by Sunday, April 30, at 11:59 p.m. Winners will be randomly selected and announced on or after Monday, May 1.

Remember: utility carts are not toys — drive with care.

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