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Environmental economist featured in L.A. public conversation series

Magali Delmas at Zocalo
Aaron Salcido/Zócalo

Magali Delmas

Magali Delmas, professor of management in the UCLA Anderson School of Management and member of the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, was interviewed Wednesday night by journalist Warren Olney during a Zócalo/UCLA Anderson event.

Delmas’ appearance in downtown Los Angeles at the RedZone at Gensler was to discuss the her new book, “The Green Bundle: Pairing the Market with the Planet,” in which she says pleading with people to stop driving gas-guzzling SUVs or eating red meat may not be enough to save the planet, unless people are also offered some personal incentive or private benefit that will make them alter their consumption patterns.

In the book, Delmas and co-author David Colgan write about five categories of personal incentives: increased quality, which encourages consumers to pay a premium for, say, an expensive but eco-friendly cleaning product; products that leverage peer pressure, for example, by using Hollywood stars to promote the Toyota Prius at the Academy Awards; linking a product with personal health benefits; showing how using a product can result in either short- or long-term monetary savings; and by crafting marketing narratives that stimulate empathy and persuade a consumer that her or his personal choices will make a tangible difference to the environment.

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