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Faculty Research Lecturers named for 2016-17

Edward De Robertis and John Agnew join select group of UCLA's most accomplished scholars

Edward DeRobertis- John Agnew

Edward DeRobertis (left) and John Agnew

Professors Edward De Robertis and John Agnew have been awarded the UCLA Academic Senate Faculty Research Lectureship, a tradition that began at UCLA in 1925. Each year since 1986, two of UCLA's most distinguished faculty members have been honored, one from the natural sciences and the other from the humanities, social disciplines or creative arts.

De Robertis is distingushed professor of biological chemistry, Norman F. Sprague Chair of Molecular Oncology and an investigator in the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. His research interests focus on how cells communicate over long distances and how this process has evolved throughout animal evolution. De Robertis is also a member of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences in the Vatican, a corresponding member of the Latin American Academy of Sciences, a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and a member of the National Academy of Sciences.

Agnew is a distinguished professor of geography with a dual appointment in UCLA's Department of Italian. His research interests include political geography, international political economy and European urbanization and Italy. He has written widely on questions of territory, place and political power. He has also worked on issues of science in geography and how knowledge is created and circulates in and across places.

De Robertis will present a public lecture on a topic of his choice in fall quarter 2016, and Agnew will do the same in spring quarter 2017.

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