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Jack Feldman and Stephanie Jamison to deliver 2018-19 Faculty Research Lectures


The Academic Senate has selected Jack Feldman, distinguished professor of neurobiology, and Stephanie Jamison, professor of Asian languages and cultures, to give the Faculty Research Lectures in 2018–19.

The Faculty Research Lecture began at UCLA in 1925. Each year since 1986, two faculty members have been honored, one from the natural sciences and the other from the humanities, social disciplines, or creative arts, for their contributions to their fields.

Each of the winners will present a public lecture on a topic of their choice, traditionally one in fall quarter and the other in spring quarter. The campus community is invited to the lecture and to a reception given in honor of the speaker immediately following the presentation.

Feldman is a member of the Brain Research Institute. His lab currently studies the orchestrated activity of neurons. Jamison’s research focuses on Indo-Iranian language and linguistics, religion, mythology and gender studies.

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