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July 6: Film and Television Archive kicks off series dedicated to Ernst Lubitsch

One Hour With You

“One Hour With You”

The UCLA Film and TV Archive is kicking off a summer-long series dedicated to the films of Ernst Lubitsch. The series begins on July 6 with “So This Is Paris” and will run through Aug. 24. 

Lubitsch is known as one of the most modern film directors of the classical Hollywood period. He was a director of surfaces and illusions, insisting that what was not shown were as important as what was visible on the screen. Lubitsch’s films are filled with objects that are utilized as metaphors to visualize that which dare not be shown. Nothing is what it seems to be.

Born in Berlin’s Jewish garment district, Lubitsch evolved from a director of slapstick comedy in Germany to a director of sophisticated, upper-class marital comedies in Hollywood. He remained very much a director of Jewish humor.

Film historian Joseph McBride has written a new book about Lubitsch, “How Did Lubitsch Do It?,” and he will be in person on July 6 and July 7 to sign copies of his book. The series is curated by Jan-Christopher Horak, director of the film and television archive.

All films will be shown at 7:30 p.m. at the Billy Wilder Theater. More information.

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