Eric Scerri, a lecturer in the UCLA Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, is featured in the PBS documentary “The Mystery of Matter: Search for the Elements,” which premieres Wednesday, Aug. 19. 

The three-episode documentary, for which Scerri served as historical consultant, tells the story of seven of history’s most important scientists, including UCLA alumnus Glenn T. Seaborg, as they seek to identify, understand and organize the basic building blocks of matter.

In the show, Scerri is interviewed extensively about the creator of the periodic table, Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev. Scerri is an authority on the history and philosophy of the periodic table and has authored and edited several books on the topic.

Starting Aug. 20, see the entire series online by visiting the PBS website and clicking on the "Watch Online" button. Short videos about the featured scientists are also available at the website. Read a story about the documentary in Chemical & Engineering News