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Photography professor honored for contributions to queer art

Catherine Opie

Catherine Opie

In recognition of her significant contributsion to queer culture, Catherine Opie, UCLA professor of photography, has received the Sustained Achievement award at the inaugural Queer/Art/Prize ceremony, which took place Nov. 2 at Hudson Mercantile. The honor, sponsored by HBO, came with a $10, 000 cash prize.

Opie, whose work has been exhibited extensively throughout the United States, Europe and Japan, has constantly challenged social norms surrounding identity. She is known for her photographs that feature the LGBTQ community.

Her work is also being featured at the Henie Onstad Kunstsenter in Norway, a leading arena for national and international art. The gallery presents photography exhibitions as part of the yearly program. This year, Opie’s “Keeping an Eye on the World” is running from Oct. 6 through Jan. 8. Opie’s photographs break stereotypes and tackle the fear of “the other.”

For more information about the exhibit and to watch an interview with Opie, click here.

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