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Engineering professors and their students win “Best Paper Award”

Puneet Gupta and Lara Dolecek

Puneet Gupta and Lara Dolecek, top row, associate professors of electrical engineering at UCLA and their students Irina Alam, Mark Gottscho and Clayton Schoeny.

Associate professor Puneet Gupta and his students, Irina Alam and Mark Gottscho, along with associate professor Lara Dolecek and her student, Clayton Schoeny, won the best paper award at CASES Conference in Embedded Systems Week.

This award was for their paper titled: “Low-Cost Memory Fault Tolerance for IoT (Internet of Things) Devices.” This thread of collaborative work focused on memory resilience and has received many accolades including a Best Paper Award at SELSE Workshop 2016 and Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship 2016.

Gupta’s research interests lie in optimizing across hardware-software and integrated circuit design-manufacturing interfaces. He currently leads the IMPACT+ center and is part of the National Science Foundation expedition on Variability-Aware Software for Efficient Computing with Nanoscale Devices

Dolecek’s work focuses on coding theory with applications to emerging memory technologies (Flash), advanced for modern information processing and data storage systems, and data processing and computing under uncertainty. She is part of the Laboratory for Robust Information Systems  and leads the Center on Development of Emerging Storage Systems (CoDESS).

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