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Psychology professor named fellow at National University

James  Stigler

James Stigler

James Stigler, a professor of developmental and cognitive psychology at UCLA, has been named the first Fellow of the Precision Institute at National University and will be the featured speaker Sept. 27 as part of the Institute’s Distinguished Speakers Series at National University’s administrative headquarters in San Diego, California.

In his role as an fellow, Stigler will contribute to developing and sharing research that explores data-driven approaches to identifying and applying personalized learning methodologies in higher education.

Stigler, who is widely recognized for his research into teaching and learning methodologies, is considered a leading authority on K-12 comparative math teaching and learning globally and is an advocate of using data metrics to better understand how students learn and respond to educational stimuli. He is senior fellow, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching; fellow with the American Psychological Society; fellow with the American Educational Research Association; member of the National Academy of Education; and served as associate dean for research and innovation in the UCLA Division of Social Sciences, from July 2011 to 2016.

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