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Romero is awarded Louisville Institute sabbatical grant

Robert Chao Romero

Robert Chao Romero

Robert Chao Romero, associate professor of Chicana/o studies and Asian American studies at UCLA and a member of the UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center faculty advisory committee, is the recipient of a Louisville Institute sabbatical grant for 2017-18.

The institute’s Sabbatical Grant for Researchers offers up to $40,000 to assist research and writing projects that will advance religious and theological scholarship in ways that also address practical issues concerning Christian faith and life, pastoral leadership, and/or religious institutions.

The grant will assist in the completion of research for Romero's current book project, “The Brown Church: Towards a Latina/o History and Theology of Liberation.” As the first overarching history of Latina/o Christian social justice movements in the United States, the book fills a critical void in the academic literatures of U.S. history, Chicana/o studies, Latina/o studies, religious studies and theology. 

Romero’s goal with the project is to create a practical tool for churches and campus ministries, which can be used to draw Latina/o millennials back to faith in Christ before they get trapped in the “Christian-activist” dilemma and lose their faith in secular activism.

Romero’s first book, “The Chinese in Mexico, 1882-1940,” tells the forgotten history of the Chinese community in Mexico. The book received the Latina/o Studies Section Book Award from the Latin American Studies Association.

Drawing upon his background as an attorney, Romero’s research also examines the legal history of Chicano/Latino segregation, as well as immigration law and policy.

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