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UCLA digital artists to be featured at music festival


Design Media Arts faculty Casey Reas, Lauren McCarthy and Chandler McWilliams, members of the UCLA Arts Conditional Studio, will have work shown at “Day for Night,” a “visually immersive art and music festival exploring the boundaries of light, space, and sound.” The festival will run from Dec. 15 to 17 in Houston, Texas, and feature both musical performances as well as visual exhibitions.

The exhibit will focus on the intersections of software with art, politics and everyday life; those intersections are the focus of the work of the UCLA Arts Conditional Studio. In this investigation, software will indicate everything from source code, networks, and user interface patterns, to objects, ways of thinking and practices of creation.

McWilliams is an adjunct assistant professor at UCLA and his work engages sculpture, text and performance to cope with ideas of ethics, space, perception and thought. McCarthy, who is an assistant professor, creates art that explores current social and technological systems and structures for being a person and interacting with other people. Reas, a professor of design media arts, is the co-creator of “Processing,” a graphic design software for visual artists.

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