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Visit the library for a history of Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’

UCLA Library

Illustration from 1831 edition of “Frankenstein.”

On a dark and stormy night in a villa on Lake Geneva, Mary Shelley conceived Victor Frankenstein and his monster. Two hundred years later, her timeless novel celebrates its bicentenary.

An exhibit in lobby gallery in the Charles E. Young Research Library features the 1818 first edition, her 1831 revised edition and other significant editions, including several with stunning original illustrations. It also features works by her literary influences, including her parents, husband, and friends as well as works she consulted while writing it.

In addition, works of popular culture include images from and documentation of the first play based on the novel and a series of comic books.

Most of the contents are drawn from UCLA Library Special Collections. The Grace M. Hunt English Reading Room and the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library also loaned important items.

The exhibtion will run until Friday, June 29.

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