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Vickie Mays

Professor / Department of Psychology

Area of Expertise: African-American health issues, minority health disparities, sexual behavior of women and minorities, alcoholism, mental health

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Vickie Mays, professor of psychology and director of the UCLA Center for Research, Education, Training and Strategic Communication on Minority Health Disparities, is an authority on the mental and physical health disparities affecting racial and ethnic minority populations, particularly among African Americans.

Mays studies the multiple dimensions of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and her research and writing focus on the psychological aspects of AIDS, prevention through the study of risk behavior, as well as how those infected and those around them cope with the disease. As a clinical psychologist, Mays is also available to comment on how people respond to disasters like earthquakes.

Media Contacts

Stuart Wolpert, 310-206-0511

UCLA Office of Media Relations, 310-825-2585