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urban planning | urban poverty | transportation | economic development | welfare

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Evelyn Blumenberg, professor and chair of urban planning at the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs, is an authority on the effects of urban structure — the spatial location of residents, employment and services — on economic outcomes for low-wage workers. In studying the role of planning and policy in shaping the spatial structure of cities, Blumenberg is also an expert on poverty and inequality and transportation and economic development.

Blumenberg has investigated the relationship between the spatial structure of urban areas and economic equality; gender and U.S. local economic development planning; the travel behavior of welfare recipients and immigrants; and interagency collaboration.

Her recent projects include analyses of the travel behavior of special population groups including low-income adults, immigrants, and youth; the effects of the economy and increasing gas prices on the travel behavior and transportation assets in low-income communities; and the relationship between residential location, automobile ownership, and employment outcomes among the poor.

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