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Kim Elsesser

Research scholar / UCLA Center for the Study of Women

Area of Expertise: gender, women's studies, sexual harassment, gender discrimination, workplace relationships, female leadership

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Kim Elsesser, a research scholar at the UCLA Center for the Study of Women, studies gender in the workplace, including gender differences in leadership, gender discrimination, workplace friendship between men and women, workplace romance and sexual harassment. Elsesser’s research is partly inspired by her experiences as a quantitative equity trader. Often the token female among fellow traders, Elsesser co-founded one of the most successful proprietary trading groups in Wall Street history while employed at Morgan Stanley.

Elsesser’s current research is on the barriers women face establishing mentor and peer friendships with men at work. One such barrier stems from heightened awareness of sexual harassment.

In 2010, she published an op-ed in the New York Times arguing that the Oscars should be gender-neutral — no more “best actor” and “best actress,” just one award.

Media Contacts

Jessica Wolf, 310-825-1046