Association of American Geographers honors two faculty members

The Association of American Geographers (AAG) will be honoring two faculty members in April at a special awards luncheon in Los Angeles.
Geography professor Judith Carney will receive the AAG's Distinguished Scholarship Honors for "the immense originality, profound insights, and exemplary scholarship of her sustained contributions to research in nature-society geography and, in particular, the interdisciplinary fields of political ecology, environment-development studies, and environmental history," according to the AAG.
Carney's scholarship is internationally renowned for its foundational contributions and synthesis of the significance of gender relations and struggles in food production, consumption and resource use in Africa, Latin America and North America. She has earned "similar widespread success and critical scholarly acclaim in her works revealing the hitherto unrecognized role of Africans in the historical origins and development of rice agriculture and landscape transformations in Atlantic World," AAG officials said.
Urban planning professor Edward Soja will receive the organization's Lifetime Achievement Honors. Soja "has transformed human geography and the understanding of cities through his lifetime of work to connect space, society and urbanism. From his earlier work on modernization in Africa to his influential trilogy of books ... Soja’s work has been original, imaginative and influential, reshaping geographic theories and stimulating a critical 'spatial turn' in a wide range of disciplines," AAG officials said.
Soja has excelled in bringing the insights of critical social theory including political economy, postmodernism, and cultural theory to create innovative analyses of space and society, especially struggles over control of space in the city and the emergence of new forms of urbanization, according to the AAG.
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