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Institute of American Cultures awards Bunche Center grants

The Institute of American Cultures offered Bunche Center research grants for 2013-14 to several faculty to advance our understanding of new social and cultural realities occasioned by the dramatic population shifts of recent decades, including greater heterogeneity within ethnic groups and increased interethnic contact.
While several research grants were awarded to continue support of projects from 2012-13, other grants were awarded to new projects. The five grant awardees are:

Walter Allen and Patricia McDonough, Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, for "Counselor Calculus: Assessments of Student-Institutional Fit and (mis)conceptions about the UC."
Professors Allen and McDonough seek to better understand what factors contribute to high school counselors’ conception of access to the UCs as well as how they assess student-institutional fit (e.g. who could be “UC-bound” versus who should be “UC-bound”).
Robin Derby, History, for "Male Heroism, Demonic Pigs and Memories of Violence in Haiti and the Dominican Republic."
Derby, an associate professor, examines the correlation between poverty and demonic animal tales in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.
Negin Ghavami, Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, for "Disparities in Health and Academics of Urban, Ethnic Minorities LGBQ Middle School Students."
A postdoctoral scholar, Ghavami focuses on the experiences of ethnic minority and white LGBQ middle-school students in LA urban schools and identifies factors that contribute to risk and resilience for their well-being and academic achievement.
Paul Von Blum, Afro-American Studies, for "The Civil Rights Movement for Beginners."
Von Blum, a lecturer, is writing a book focused on African American Studies that places the modern civil rights movement in a broader historical perspective.
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