Michael Grunstein to receive award for distinguished research

Michael Grunstein, professor of biological chemistry at the David Geffen School of Medicine and a member of UCLA’s Molecular Biology Institute, will receive the 2011 Lewis S. Rosenstiel Award for Distinguished Work in Basic Medical Science. He shares the honor with  David Allis of Rockefeller University. 
The honor recognizes Grunstein’s innovative work in uncovering the crucial roles that histones play in gene expression. Histones are protein spools that DNA wraps itself around, enabling genetic material to be tightly packed into the tiny confines of a cell’s nucleus. His findings have led to a new field of study investigating how histones regulate gene activity and the biology of human disease, including cancer. 
The award, which is presented by Brandeis University for recent discoveries of particular originality and importance to basic medical research, includes a $30,000 prize and medallion. Grunstein will receive the award following a lecture he will give at Brandeis on April 14.
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