Moy named to Nobel Biocare Chair in Surgical Implant Dentistry

UCLA's dental school has named noted oral and maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Peter K. Moy, a leading authority on dental implants, the first holder of the Nobel Biocare Endowed Chair in Surgical Implant Dentistry. 
Nobel Biocare, a world leader in the development of innovative restorative dental solutions, established the chair in 2006 with the intention of enhancing the dental school's training and education programs in implant dentistry. 
A dental implant is a device — commonly a titanium screw placed in the jawbone — that can be used in combination with a prosthetic to replace a missing tooth. Over time, the titanium becomes embedded in new bone growth to offer a permanent solution that mimics natural dentition. Dental implants also can be used to support the placement of dentures, bridges or crowns, or stabilize orthodontic treatment. 
UCLA's dental school was among the first in the country to introduce education and research programs in implant dentistry and incorporate implants in clinical practice. 
"The endowed chair enables us to provide the highest level of patient care while we equip the next generation of dentists with the best possible training in the field,” said Dr. No-Hee Park, the dental school's dean.
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