Teen app creator, family support UCLA pediatric cancer research

Cameron Cohen, a 14-year-old iPhone applications creator and philanthropist, and his family recently donated $7,500 to fund pediatric cancer research at Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA. The donation was a combination of proceeds from the sales of Cameron’s apps along with a contribution from his family. 
The ninth grader presented the check to Dr. Noah Federman, an assistant professor of pediatric hematology–oncology and director of the pediatric bone and soft tissue sarcoma program at Mattel.  
Cameron's road to philanthropy and app development started in March 2009, when he was a patient at UCLA Medical Center–Santa Monica, where he underwent surgery for what turned out to be a benign bone tumor.  
While recuperating from surgery at home, he taught himself the programming language for iPhone applications and developed an app for drawing on the iPhone called iSketch. In November 2009, Apple Inc. accepted iSketch, and it quickly became a big hit. Cameron then donated $20,000 of the proceeds to help buy electronic and entertainment items for other pre-teens and teens to enjoy during their hospitalization at UCLA.
Following that success, he then created his second app for iPhones and iPads, a game called AnimalGrams (and AnimalGrams HD).
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