UCLA Headlines August 30, 2013

Rim Fire Can Teach Cities Lessons
Thursday’s San Francisco Chronicle featured an op-ed by Glen M. MacDonald, director of the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability and a professor of geography and of ecology and evolutionary biology, about the Rim Fire currently burning in Yosemite, climate change and what cities can do in the future to lessen the impact of major wildfires.
NFL Settles 'Concussions' Suit
A Thursday NBC News.com article about the National Football League settling a lawsuit with thousands of former players with dementia and other health problems referenced a brain-imaging study in which UCLA researchers found elevated levels of the Alzheimer's disease–related tau protein in the brains of five retired football players who had suffered one or more concussions. Dr. Neil Martin, chief of neurosurgery at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, was quoted.
'The Gamble' Looks at 2012 Race for White House
Thursday’s Inside Higher Ed featured a column by Lynn Vavreck, UCLA associate professor of political science, and John Sides, associate professor of political science at George Washington University, highlighting their new book, "The Gamble: Choice and Chance in the 2012 Presidential Election," which uses sophisticated statistical analysis to examine the factors that contributed to the election's outcome.
UCLA Stem Cell Center Wins Major Grants
Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News reported Thursday that California's stem cell agency has awarded roughly $13 million to four scientists at UCLA's Broad Stem Cell Research Center for studies aimed at identifying stem cell–based therapies for disease that can be tested in clinical trials. Dr. Jerome Zack, professor of microbiology, immunology and molecular genetics, and Dr. Robert Reiter, director of the UCLA Prostate Cancer Program and a professor of urology, were cited.
Potential Military Action in Syria
Steven Spiegel, professor of political science and director of the UCLA Center for Middle East Development, was interviewed Thursday on KNX–1070 AM about a potential military strike by the U.S. and its allies against the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad. The Zocalo website on Thursday featured an op-ed Gen. Wesley K. Clark, a senior fellow at UCLA's Burkle Center for International Relations, looking at a potential intervention in Syria in light of NATO's intervention in Kosovo in 1999.
With Stroke, Time Equals Brain
Internal Medicine News on Thursday highlighted research led by Dr. Jeffrey Saver, professor of neurology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and a director of the UCLA Stroke Center, examining how outcomes for stroke patients are influenced by how quickly they receive a common clot-busting drug. Saver was quoted.
Driving Is Down, But Why?
An article in Thursday's Los Angeles Times about a decline over the past eight years in the average number of miles Americans drive referenced a study by researchers at UCLA's Institute for Transportation Studies that attributed the decline to economic factors.
Dr. Alon Avidan
Avidan, professor of neurology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and director of the UCLA Sleep Disorders Center, was quoted Thursday in a HealthDay News article about Americans' use of prescription sleeping pills.
Dr. Andrew Charles
Charles, UCLA's Meyer and Renee Luskin Professor of Migraine and Headache Studies and director of the headache research and treatment program in the UCLA Department of Neurology, was quoted Wednesday in a MedPage Today article about the structural effect of migraines on the brain.
Mark Kleiman
Kleiman, professor of public policy at the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs, was quoted Thursday in a Seattle Times article about the federal government's decision has not to challenge Washington state's marijuana legalization law.
Kal Raustiala
Raustiala, professor of law and director of the UCLA Burkle Center for International Relations, was quoted Thursday in a Foreign Policy article about the British government's rationale for not supporting a military strike against the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad.
Eugene Volokh
Volokh, the Gary T. Schwartz Professor at the UCLA School of Law, was quoted Thursday in a CNN.com article about the California Legislature debating a bill that would make it a misdemeanor for people to distribute sexually explicit photos or videos they'd shot in order to cause others humiliation or distress.
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