UCLA Headlines December 5, 2013

Anderson Forecast: 'Tepid' Growth This Quarter
The Los Angeles Times, the Contra Costa Times and KNX-1070 AM reported today on the UCLA Anderson Forecast's latest quarterly outlook for the U.S. and California economies. Forecast senior economists Jerry Nickelsburg and David Shulman were quoted in the coverage.
Fast Food and the Minimum Wage
Chris Tilly, director of the UCLA Institute for Research on Labor and Employment and a professor of urban planning at UCLA's Luskin School of Public Affairs, was interviewed today on KPCC-89.3 FM about a strike by fast-food workers in California who are urging the state to increase the minimum wage.
Sudden Threats of Climate Change
Laurence C. Smith, professor and chair of the UCLA Department of Geography, was interviewed Wednesday on KPCC-89.3 FM's "Take Two" about a new National Academy of Sciences report he co-authored calling for the creation of an early warning system to better anticipate the more sudden and potentially calamitous impacts of climate change.
Men, Women and Sexual Regret
Britain's Guardian reported Wednesday, and the Australian reports today, on a study by UCLA researchers and colleagues showing that men and women experience different types of regret about sexual encounters and that these differences can be traced to our evolutionary past. Martie Haselton, UCLA professor of psychology and communication studies, was quoted in the coverage.
Police Investigate Attempted Assault
The Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday, and KNBC-Channel 4, KABC-Channel 7, KTTV-Channel 11 and KMEX-Channel 34 report today, that UCLA police are investigating an incident in which an individual allegedly was touched inappropriately on campus.
Improving Education for Latinas
The San Antonio Express-Newsand Hispanically Speaking News reported Wednesday on a study by UCLA's Civil Rights Project/Proyecto Derechos Civiles commissioned by actress Eva Longoria that identified factors that improve Latinas' chances of succeeding in high school and graduating from college. Patricia Gandara, co-director of the Civil Rights Project and a professor at the UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, was quoted in the coverage.
UCLA Takes on 'Grand Challenge'
The Lompoc Record today highlights UCLA's major new environmental research project aimed at making Los Angeles a global model for sustainability. The project is the first of UCLA's six Grand Challenges, which seek to address pressing societal issues through multidisciplinary innovations and breakthroughs.
Teenagers and Discipline
Dr. Daniel Siegel, clinical professor of psychiatry at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and co-founder of UCLA's Mindful Awareness Research Center, was interviewed today on the "Dr. Phil Show" about the ineffectiveness of yelling as a means of disciplining teenagers.
Shape-Shifting Prostate Cancer Cells
Domain-b reported Wednesday on a study by researchers at the UCLA Broad Stem Cell Research Center showing that prostate cancer stem cells evolve into different cells as the disease progresses, making targeted treatments more difficult. Dr. Andrew Goldstein, an assistant researcher in molecular and medical pharmacology at UCLA, was quoted.
Males, Females and Myths of Promiscuity
Today’s Slate highlights research by Brooke Scelza, assistant professor in the UCLA Department of Anthropology, indicating that human females seek out multiple sexual partners as an evolutionary strategy. The article also references the work of Patricia Gowaty, UCLA distinguished professor of ecology and evolutionary biology, debunking a 1948 study of fruit flies that established the notion that males are more promiscuous and females more picky. Gowaty, who repeated the experiment and found both sexes equally promiscuous, was quoted.

Alaska and Tribal Authority
The Anchorage Daily News reported Wednesday on efforts by Carole Goldberg, the Jonathan D. Varat Distinguished Professor at the UCLA School of Law and UCLA vice chancellor for academic personnel, and her colleagues on the U.S. Indian Law and Order Commission to persuade the Alaska state government to recognize Native American tribal sovereignty in key legal matters. Goldberg was quoted.
Low-Fat Diet Helps Fight Prostate Cancer
New York’s WWRL-1600 AM reported Wednesday on research led by Dr. William Aronson, clinical professor of urology and a researcher at UCLA's Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center, showing that men with prostate cancer who ate a low-fat diet with fish oil supplements had changes in their cancer tissue that may help prevent disease growth and recurrence.
Richard Abel
Abel, distinguished professor emeritus at the UCLA School of Law, is quoted today in a Reuters article about impending lawsuits over a commuter train derailment in New York.
Jeremy Boyce
Boyce, an assistant researcher in the UCLA Department of Earth and Space Sciences, was quoted Wednesday in an International Business Times article about how planetary scientists are being affected by NASA’s looming budget cuts.
Keith Chen
Chen, associate professor at the UCLA Anderson School of Management, was quoted Wednesday in a Benzinga article about the growing popularity of rental businesses.
Dr. Gregg Fonarow
Fonarow, UCLA's Eliot Corday Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine and Science and director of the Ahmanson–UCLA Cardiomyopathy Center, was quoted Wednesday in a HealthDay News article about research showing that morphine may reduce the effectiveness of a common blood-thinning drug.
Gerald Kominski
Kominksi, director of the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research and a professor at UCLA's Fielding School of Public Health, was quoted Wednesday in a San Jose Mercury News article about a California poll that found that young and healthy people are more likely to seek health insurance through the Affordable Care Act exchange than older and sicker people.
Lee Ohanian
Ohanian, professor of economics and vice chair of undergraduate studies for the UCLA Department of Economics, was quoted Wednesday in an Arizona Republic article about the economic recovery in Arizona.
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