UCLA Headlines January 12, 2011

UCLA Scholars Discover Earliest-Known Winery
CNN reports today, and the Financial Mirror, United Press International, Science 2.0, Deutsche Welle, Gizmodo, Newser, Red Orbit, NBC's "Today" show, KNX-1070 AM and Nano Patents and Innovations reported Tuesday, that scholars from UCLA's Cotsen Institute of Archaeology and colleagues excavating a cave complex in southern Armenia have unearthed a 6,100-year-old wine-making facility, complete with a fermentation vat, a wine press, storage jars, drinking vessels, and remnants of grape seeds and vines. Excavation leaders Hans Barnard, a Cotsen Institute archaeologist and assistant adjunct professor of Near Eastern languages and cultures, and Gregory Areshian, assistant director of the Cotsen Institute, were referenced in the coverage.
Gabrielle Giffords Recovering From Shooting
Dr. Neil Martin, chair of the UCLA Department of Neurosurgery and director of the UCLA Stroke Center, was featured Tuesday on National Public Radio's "Morning Edition" and Monday on NBC's "Extra," KTLA-Channel 5, KABC-Channel 7, KFI-640 AM's "Bill Carroll Show" and KPCC-89.3 FM's "AirTalk" in segments about the medical outlook for Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who was shot in the head Saturday. Dr. David Hovda, professor of neurosurgery and director of the UCLA Brain Injury Research Center, was interviewed Monday on KCBS-Channel 2 about Giffords.
State's Paid Family Leave Law, a Decade Later
The Los Angeles Times and the Sacramento Bee report today on a study by Ruth Milkman, professor of sociology and a faculty member at the UCLA Institute for Research on Labor and Employment, and colleagues examining the ways in which California's paid family leave law, enacted a decade ago, has affected employers and employees and their families. Milkman is quoted in the articles.
Hyenas Have 'Greeting Ceremonies'
Asian News International reported Tuesday on research by Jennifer Smith, a UCLA postdoctoral fellow in ecology and evolutionary biology, and colleagues examining social interactions among spotted hyenas.
UCLA Archive Restores Classic Ballet Film
Bloomberg reported Tuesday on UCLA Film & Television Archive preservationist Robert Gitt's restoration of the celebrated 1948 Technicolor ballet film "The Red Shoes," which was recently released on DVD. Gitt was quoted.
Don Nakanishi
Nakanishi, professor emeritus of education and director emeritus of UCLA's Asian American Studies Center, was quoted Tuesday in an Associated Press article about the swearing in of Edwin Lee, San Francisco's first Asian American mayor.
Dr. Jeffrey Saver
Saver, professor of neurology and director of the UCLA Stroke Center, was quoted Tuesday in a Los Angeles Times article about research indicating that antidepressant medications may help stroke survivors regain mobility.
Lynn Stout
Stout, UCLA professor of law, is quoted today in an Associated Press article about investment bank Goldman Sachs agreeing to reform its business practices to increase transparency.
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