UCLA Headlines November 26, 2013

Unhappy Meals: Kids and Fast Food
A study by the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research showing that 60 percent of young children in California, and 70 percent of Latino children, had eaten fast food at least once during the previous week was highlighted Monday by the Sacramento Bee, a Sacramento Bee blog, City News Service and KCRW-89.9 FM and today by KTTV-Channel 11 and Sacramento's KFBK-1530 AM. Susan Holtby, a senior researcher at the center, was quoted in the coverage.
Men, Women and Sexual Regret
A study by UCLA researchers and colleagues showing that men and women experience different types of regret when it comes to sexual encounters and that these differences can be traced to our evolutionary past was highlighted Monday by Reuters, the Miami Sun Sentinel, Asian News International, Canada's CTV News.com, Detroit's WWJ-950 AM and Atlanta's WSB-750 AM. Martie Haselton, UCLA professor of psychology and communication studies, was quoted in the coverage.
Baby Boom for Gay Couples
A New York Times article ("Baby Boom for Gay Parents") about the changing American family and a recent "baby boom" among gay parents cited research by the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law estimating that the number of same-sex couples raising children has doubled in the past decade.
Looking at American Families
Today's New York Times profiles ("For Career Jugglers") a family that participated in a UCLA Center on Everyday Lives of Families (CELF) study that examined in intimate detail the home lives of 32 middle-class, dual-earner families with children in Los Angeles. Elinor Ochs, professor of anthropology and director of CELF, and Jeanne Arnold, professor of anthropology and a CELF researcher, were quoted.
Complaint Filed Against UCLA Police
The Los Angeles Times, the Associated Press, KCBS-Channel 2, KNBC-Channel 4, KTLA-Channel 5, KPCC-89.3 FM and other media outlets reported Monday that a judge has filed a complaint against UCLA police.
Bump in Weddings Follows Gay Marriage Ruling
Monday Associated Press Sacramento KFBK-1530 AM stories about a jump in weddings in California following the legalization of same-sex marriage cited research by the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law estimating that 30 percent of gay couples married within a year after the state legalized same-sex marriage. Gary Gates, a senior research fellow at the institute, was quoted.
Nearly 4 Million Californians Face Hunger
A study by the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research showing that an estimated 3.8 million California adults — including 500,000 in the San Francisco Bay Area — have trouble providing adequate food for themselves or their families was highlighted Monday by the Los Angeles Times and the Oakland Tribune.
Operation Mend Gets $4M From Lockheed Martin
News-Medical reports today that Lockheed Martin donated $4 million to fund a new telehealth suite and enhanced recovery area for UCLA's Operation Mend, a partnership between Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, Brooke Army Medical Center and the Veterans Affairs Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System that offers free reconstructive surgery for U.S. military personnel severely wounded and disfigured during service.
Sunni vs. Shia in Middle East
Eric Bordenkircher, a doctoral candidate in Islamic studies and Near Eastern studies at UCLA's International Institute was interviewed Nov. 19 on Arise TV about a suicide bombing outside the Iranian embassy in Beirut, Lebanon.
Counting Bikes on Campus
The L.A. Streets Blog reported Monday on the placement of a digital bike counter at UCLA, which counts in real-time the number of cyclists entering the campus. Renée Fortier, executive director of UCLA Events and Transportation, and David Karwaski, senior associate director of planning, policy and traffic systems for UCLA Transportation, were quoted.
Youlonda Copeland-Morgan
Copeland-Morgan, UCLA associate vice chancellor for enrollment management, is quoted today in a Los Angeles Times article about fewer U.S. high school seniors applying to college this year than in previous years.
Sharon Dolovich
Dolovich, UCLA professor of law, was quoted Monday in a Houston Chronicle article about new federal standards to prevent rape in detention facilities by requiring prisons to make certain accommodations for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender inmates.
Dr. Karol Watson
Watson, associate professor of cardiology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, is quoted today in a Los Angeles Times article about the FDA removing restrictions on a diabetes medication that had incorrectly been linked to an increased risk of heart attack.
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