UCLA In the News August 1, 2017

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L.A. redefines ‘compromise’ in Olympic bidding duel | ESPN

“[LA2024 chairman Casey Wasserman] and the mayor, they know their success will not be measured against Tokyo [in 2020] or Rio, but rather that of Peter Ueberroth,” said UCLA professor Zev Yaroslavsky, who spent 40 years as an elected official in Southern California, including 19 on the L.A. City Council. “They know that, and they want to do an even better job than Ueberroth.” (Also: KPCC-FM [audio download])

Moms say smoking pot while caring for kids is acceptable | NBC News’ “Today”

“One’s reaction time may be slowed, ability to respond in an emergency, coordination may be impaired,’’ Dr. Larissa Mooney of Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center told Shriver. “Smoking is inherently unhealthy, and by sending the message that we’re smoking something to take the edge off or to cope with pain, that sends a message to our children.”

Why oil industry may be most corrupt in world | NPR’s “Marketplace”

“Corruption’s incredibly hard to study. We don’t know what we don’t know. But I think this accords with a gut sense of many people who work in this area that the extractive sector’s where the big problem is,” said UCLA’s Michael Ross. (Approx. 1:10 mark)

The Russia sanctions bill, explained | Los Angeles Times

“The motivation for this part is to constrain Trump and to make sure he isn’t able to strike some grand bargain with Putin,” said Daniel Treisman, a political science professor at UCLA. “It is highly unusual to give the president no leeway to remove sanctions. But he still has considerable freedom to determine how to enforce sanctions.”

Early Hollywood’s forgotten black women take spotlight | KCET.org

“For my students, especially students of color, they find it really shocking that no one had told them there was a history of black women determined to be on film in a dignified way that stretched back more than 100 years,” said Miriam Posner, program coordinator and a core faculty member of UCLA’s Digital Humanities Department. “They felt really strongly that people should have told them about this. My students felt like they need to honor that work that had gone unrewarded.”

Can Trump end health care coverage for Congress?  | Politifact

“Stripping away this subsidy would mean that members of Congress and congressional staff would be treated entirely differently from almost every other person in the nation working for a large employer,” said Mark Peterson, a professor of public policy at the University of California, Los Angeles.

What to do if you’re terrified of the dentist | Refinery 29

“The reasons vary depending on the personality and experience of the person,” [UCLA’s Dr. Ken] Mazey says. You might have had a traumatic experience at the dentist as a child, which then sets the stage for an anxious reaction in the dentist office, he says. Or if your older sibling or parent always freaked out before the dentist, you could pick up on those anxieties and come to fear the same scenarios.

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