UCLA in the News August 18, 2014

Modern Culprits are Throwing Off Our Internal Clocks | Wall Street Journal

(Op-ed by UCLA Chancellor Gene Block) In this season of vacation travel, many of us are happily resigned to jet lag as the price of international adventure. The malaise associated with crossing time zones has been recognized for decades, of course. What's new is our understanding of the wider phenomenon that scientists call “circadian disruption,” a disorder of our internal timing system. It can have profound health consequences, and its causes extend well beyond the occasional overseas jaunt.

Parasitic Worms Use Smell to Find Next Host | Phys.org

To study worm olfaction, Elissa Hallem, from the University of California Los Angeles, and colleagues examined the host-seeking strategies and sensory behaviors of different roundworms.

The Correlation Among Race, Stress and Weight Gain | KLIF-AM (Dallas)

“We were looking at the MIR body mass index — that’s basically an indicator of weight,” said UCLA’s Dr. Janet Tomiyama. “Stress can in fact lead to weight gain over time. And what we wanted to do was see whether stress and weight gain were related in younger people. We know it happens in adults; does it actually happen earlier in life, and how early does it happen?”

UC Enrolls Record Number of Out-of-state Students | Los Angeles Times

Among the freshman classes at the nine UC undergraduate campuses, the highest percentages from out of state are at UCLA, 30.1%; UC Berkeley, 29.8%; and UC San Diego, 28.4%.

UCLA Offers Aid to Flood Victims | Los Angeles Times

UCLA has offered emergency assistance to hundreds of students and employees whose cars were left sodden and covered in mud after a water main ruptured and flooded two campus parking structures. (Also: Associated Press, Chronicle of Higher Education, City News Service, KNX-AM, KABC-TV, KCBS-TV, KTLA-TV)

UCLA Film Exhibition Salutes German WWII Emigres | Los Angeles Times

“That influx of what was literally hundreds and hundreds of these middle-European intellectuals, it changed this town,” said Jan-Christopher Horak, director of the UCLA Film & Television Archive.

New Device Helps Determine When Post-Op Patients Can Eat | Imperial Valley News

A disposable plastic listening device that attaches to the abdomen may help doctors definitively determine which post-operative patients should be fed and which should not, an invention that may improve outcomes, decrease healthcare costs and shorten hospital stays, according to a UCLA study.

Diabetes-related Amputations Vary by Patients’ Income | Beverly Hills Courier

A UCLA study shows that California diabetics who live in low-income neighborhoods are up to 10 times more likely to lose a toe, foot or leg than patients from affluent areas like Beverly Hills. Earlier diagnosis and proper treatment could prevent millions of amputations, the researchers say. (Also: Voice of OC, Diabetes in Control)

Los Angeles Rents Most Unaffordable in Nation | KABC-TV

Rising rents and income that’s not keeping pace: That’s why UCLA researchers are calling Los Angeles the most unaffordable rental market in America.

After Ferguson Shooting, Analyzing Racial Profiling by Police | MSNBC’s “Melissa Harris-Perry”

“It has to begin with a different understanding of what breeds compliance with the law,” said UCLA’s Phillip Atiba Goff. “Compliance with the law begins with powers of example, not examples of power.” (Also: KPCC-FM’s “Take Two,” WEAA-FM (Baltimore), euronews)

The Debate over Videotaped Interrogations | National Public Radio

“If we videotape interrogations, then the prosecutors can see what the suspect acknowledged, so can the jury, so can the defense attorney,” said UCLA’s Jennifer Mnookin. “The suspect has to live with his or her words. It provides much better information to everybody.”

Williams Suffered from Parkinson’s in Final Days | NBC “Nightly News”

“It made some sense to me, actually, because most people with Parkinson’s will suffer from depression at some point in the disease, often early on,” said UCLA’s Dr. Jeff Bronstein. (Also: NBC’s Today)

ABC’s Prime Time Talent Becoming More Diverse | The Guardian

UCLA’s recent diversity report noted that dramas and comedies with diverse casts excel in the ratings, but also that most shows it examined lacked diversity both on- and off-screen — which, it concluded, “does not bode well for the Hollywood industry as the nation’s population continues to diversify at a dizzying rate.”

“Coming To Our Senses” Book Review | Scientific American

Sometimes our theories about the world take on a life of their own. We take them so seriously that we ignore the properties of our environment that generated those theories in the first place. A cognitive psychologist and visiting scholar at the University of California, Los Angeles, [Viki] McCabe believes this tendency often gets out of hand, contributing to many of modern society’s tragedies and ills.

UCLA Flood Sheds Light on Los Angeles Infrastructure | City Journal

“Unfortunately, UCLA was the sink for this water source,” said Gene Block, chancellor of the University of California at Los Angeles. 

Why Are Previously Unseen Mutations Happening in Humans? | The Economic Times

“The fact that we see so many rare variants is, in part, due to the fact that human populations have been growing very rapidly,” says John Novembre of the University of California Los Angeles, who led the study.

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