UCLA In the News August 18, 2017

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ACLU will not defend hate groups protesting with firearms | Wall Street Journal

The federal courts are currently split on whether the Second Amendment guarantees a right to carry outside the home. Eugene Volokh, a law professor at University of California, Los Angeles, said federal judges may deem protest areas to be sensitive places, like schools, where the U.S. Supreme Court has said governments can impose firearm restrictions. (Also: KPCC-FM’s “Air Talk”)

How gorgeous summer days can make you miserable | New York Post

In those ways, summer SAD is similar to the winter blues. But the conditions have some key differences, says psychiatry researcher Ian Cook, MD, director of the depression program at UCLA. While wintertime SAD often brings on weight gain, oversleeping and sluggishness — possibly due to decreased levels of feel-good serotonin — summertime SAD often is marked by weight loss, insomnia and anxiety. The research is preliminary. “There are basically two theories: one that summer SAD is biological, another that it’s behavioral and psychological,” Cook says…. Cook offers strategies for combating summer SAD.

How prefab homes could save time, money in L.A.  | Time Out

Housing in L.A. is officially the most unaffordable in the country, according to a new study from the UCLA Anderson School of Management. It's no wonder current and prospective residents are on the hunt for something more practical. 

9 places to watch the eclipse around L.A.  | Los Angeles Times

UCLA scientists will host an eclipse-watching event at the Court of Sciences on the Westwood campus. Telescopes equipped with solar filters will reveal details of the solar surface and an image of the sun will be projected on a white screen, allowing visitors to take pictures. A limited number of eclipse glasses will also be provided.

Is Trump wrong to further footprint in Latin America? | Pacific Standard

In Colombia, President Juan Manuel Santos — himself often a Caracas critic — urged Pence not to intervene in the conflict. Santos' warning was echoed around Latin America — in Mexico City, in Lima, and beyond. "To judge from the response to Pence's recent comments, it would rally all of Venezuela's neighbors, who have no good reason to love Maduro, over to his side," says Anthony Pagden, a University of California–Los Angeles political science professor whose work has focused on Latin America and the political theory of empire.

Number of dialysis patients in California surges | California Healthline

The number of Californians who are getting care at dialysis centers has jumped in recent years — but not because kidney disease is more prevalent. The reason is that people are living longer with end-stage renal disease, said Anjay Rastogi, a professor of nephrology at UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine. The number of new cases has generally leveled off in recent years, Rastogi said. “The same number of patients are being put on dialysis, but they stay on dialysis,” he said.

The truth about cat and dog food | Huffington Post

A new study that calculates the carbon footprint of cats and dogs brings troubling news for pet owners. It turns out the environmental impact of our four-legged friends is considerable, and not in a good way. “I like dogs and cats, and I’m definitely not recommending that people get rid of their pets,” said Gregory Okin, a UCLA geography professor and study author, who points out that pets provide us with friendship and other social, health and emotional benefits that cannot be dismissed. “This paper is not about telling people what to do or what not to do. It’s about providing information that should hopefully stimulate conversations with pet food producers and consumers.

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