UCLA In the News August 2, 2017

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Sun’s core moves much faster than we thought | Popular Mechanics

Showing how little we know about the body that makes all life on Earth possible, scientists have just learned that the sun’s core rotates four times faster than its surface. Previously, they thought the two moved at similar speeds. “The most likely explanation is that this core rotation is left over from the period when the sun formed, some 4.6 billion years ago,” says Roger Ulrich, a UCLA professor who co-authored the study and has studied the sun for 40 years. “It's a surprise, and exciting to think we might have uncovered a relic of what the sun was like when it first formed.”  (Also: International Business Times)

Hold the mustard: It’s an unwelcome guest in reserve | Los Angeles Times

Phil Rundel, a professor of the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary biology at UCLA, said the mustard can be removed before it goes to seed to prevent a recurrence next year. “Mustard can be hand-weeded when small but is more difficult to pull once it gets larger,” Rundel said. “If it is thickly established, the city may be correct in deeming it a fire hazard that needs clearing. In any case, it is important to get the mustard removed before it produces new seed.”

Kushner stepped down from 266 ‘corporate positions’ | Washington Post

Investors and real estate companies favor limited liability companies as a way to protect their assets, said Paul Habibi, a real estate investor who teaches at UCLA’s law and business schools. “The idea is you don’t want to have liabilities that permeate across multiple assets,” he said. “One commonly accepted way to do that is to put each [project] into a different limited liability company.”

Undocumented immigrant to future transplant surgeon | Press-Enterprise

Dr. Gloria Sanchez, the paper’s lead investigator, believes that the downward trend could have a negative impact on health care for Latinos in the U.S. An associate clinical professor of family medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and faculty member at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, Sanchez said patients may not be able to find appropriate medical care in a language they feel most comfortable. “And I can tell you that finding a Spanish-speaking transplant surgeon will be very hard to find,” she said of Ortiz.

Does the Affordable Care Act work? | CNN

“There is a lot of popular support for universal coverage in this country. Whether or not Medicare for all is the right way to do it or not is an open question,” said UCLA’s Gerald Kominski. (Also: ATTN)

Covered California cost will rise, Blue Cross cuts coverage | Los Angeles Times

“It’s not like we have a steady market. In fact, we have a market that’s in turmoil because of politics,” said Gerald Kominski, director of the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research.

Five rising stars are new wave in digital humanities | Inside Higher Ed

“I’m interested in materialist feminist work that takes critical race theory seriously. Many of the conventions of data visualization and data modeling assume a ‘neutrality’ that we know depends on a totalizing, imperialist view of the world,” said [UCLA’s Miriam] Posner.

Justice Department will target affirmative action | Inside Higher Ed

Gary Orfield, co-director of the Civil Rights Project at UCLA, said that the Supreme Court decision last year provided “a strong reaffirmative of carefully limited consideration of race as one among a number of factors in admitting students to selective colleges seeking the realize the extensively proven benefits of diversity.” But he also noted that the Supreme Court in a series of decisions has affirmed that right when colleges document that they have considered a range of ways to promote diversity and have evidence that some consideration of race in admissions is needed for that goal. (UCLA’s Daniel Losen also quoted)

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