UCLA In the News August 22, 2017

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Emergency room visits up after solar eclipse | KCRW-FM

“Because afterwards they’re like so concerned that, ‘Oh maybe I had one of those that are the fake eclipse viewing glasses. Maybe I have problems.’ And they’re looking. They’re looking for problems in every little sensation that is different from what they remember ever noticing. They attribute it to the possibility of having some damage from the eclipse viewing,” said UCLA’s Colin McCannel. (Audio download) (Also: KTTV-LA)

Hollywood laments death of the summer blockbuster | The Times (U.K.)

Why the change? The big studios are producing fewer films but spending more on the ones they do make, and spreading them through the year to avoid clashing, said Jonathan Kuntz, at UCLA’s School of Theatre, Film and Television. [Registration required]

Insight into link between two rare tumor syndromes | Medical Xpress

UCLA researchers have discovered that timing is everything when it comes to preventing a specific gene mutation in mice from developing rare and fast-growing cancerous tumors, which also affects young children. This mutation can also cause a benign tumor condition in humans in adulthood.

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