UCLA In the News August 25, 2017

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Heart-healthy drinking tips from a UCLA cardiologist | ABC News

“Based on the American Heart Association recommendations, it is felt that if you do drink [wine], about two drinks a day could give you some help in terms of heart disease,” said UCLA’s Ravi Dave.

Many breast, ovarian cancer survivors should take this genetic test | KPCC-FM

“We want to figure out who are the women in this country that have those genetic changes,” says lead author Dr. Christopher Childers, a resident physician at UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine. That information, he says, can inform decisions about their treatment and surgery. It can also help family members detect cancer early and make lifestyle changes to try to prevent the disease.

Multi-tasking hinders memory but important facts retained | Psych Central

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) investigators explain that the expansion of technology has fueled the practice of multi-tasking. “In a world of computers and iPhones, it’s rare that we’re fully focused,” said Alan Castel, a UCLA professor of psychology. In the study led by Castel and Catherine Middlebrooks, a UCLA graduate student, the investigators found that while divided attention does impair memory, people can still selectively focus on what is most important — even while they’re multitasking.

Stunt coordinator says ‘Deadpool 2’ death was avoidable | Refinery 29

“If the movie’s producers had to go outside of the normal stunt community to find someone who was both qualified and resembles the actress, that speaks to a problem of lack of diversity of stunt performers,” said UCLA dean of Social Sciences Darnell Hunt, who works on the Hollywood Diversity Report.

Do coal and nuclear need a helping hand? | The Conversation

California is on the vanguard of this change. When it shut down its last nuclear plant, UCLA researchers Eric Daniel Fournier and Alex Ricklefs explained that the state will need a number of techniques, including energy storage, to meet its aggressive renewable energy targets. They wrote, “Careful planning is needed to ensure that energy storage systems are installed to take over the baseline load duties currently held by natural gas and nuclear power, as renewables and energy efficiency may not be able to carry the burden.”

Interspecies hybrids play a vital role in evolution | Quanta Magazine

“In a conservation context, hybridization is usually seen as negative simply because the mantra of conservational biology is to protect species and lineages as they evolve, on the landscape they evolved in,” said Bradley Shaffer, a conservation biologist at the University of California, Los Angeles. Introduce foreign species from a different part of the world, and the consequences can be devastating even if the lineage of the invasive species is swallowed up by hybrids.

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