UCLA In the News August 3, 2017

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Do your pets contribute to climate change? | KPCC-FM

“I like dogs and cats, and I’m definitely not recommending that people get rid of their pets or put them on a vegetarian diet, which would be unhealthy,” said UCLA geography professor Gregory Okin, whose study appeared Wednesday in the journal PLOS One. “But I do think we should consider all the impacts that pets have so we can have an honest conversation about them. Pets have many benefits but also a huge environmental impact.” (Also: Sacramento Bee and KNBC-LA)

Your smartphone cuts brainpower, even if it’s just sitting there | The Atlantic

“We know that cell phones are highly desirable, and that lots of people are addicted to their phones, so in that sense it’s not so surprising that having one visible nearby would be a drain on mental resources. But this study is the first to actually demonstrate the effect, and given the prevalence of phones in modern society, that has important implications,” [UCLA’s Daniel Oppenheimer] said.

Drinking organic wine won’t prevent a hangover | TIME

Some advocates are pushing for more ingredient labeling on wine bottles, but that’s still pretty far off in the future, says Magali Delmas, an environmental economist at UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability. And because wine is treated as a luxury in the U.S., there is very limited research into potential health effects of organic wine, which Delmas says leaves customers to make a lot of assumptions.

Los Angeles lands the 2028 Summer Olympics | The Bill Simmons Podcast

“UCLA — the trees are all mature. It’s a beautiful campus. You have not only amazing dorms that are like a luxury hotel … but they have the best food in America for any college campus, that’s what they’re ranked. What most villages never have is Olympic-sized pools, tennis courts, tracks where Olympic champions like Allyson Felix train today. And not to have to travel to warm up is going to be a huge advantage,” said Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. (Approx. 9:40 mark)

America’s love-hate relationship with immigrants | Los Angeles Times

Roger Waldinger, a UCLA distinguished professor of sociology, said the laws passed during this era “set a low limit on total immigration from the Eastern Hemisphere and virtually stopped migration from Asia.”

In college sexual assault cases, due process matters | USA Today

Surveying the damage to fundamental fairness from the Obama-era policies, a recent study by UCLA professor John Villasenor concluded that an innocent student has as much as a one-in-three chance of being found guilty by today’s campus sexual assault tribunals.

Affirmative action crackdown’s effect on state’s colleges | East Bay Times

In California, Proposition 209 — approved by voters in 1996 — already prohibits public schools from explicitly considering race when deciding which students to admit. So the University of California and the California State University systems would be unlikely to face serious repercussions from the U.S. Justice Department in any event, said Patricia Gándara, co-director of the Civil Rights Project at UCLA.

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