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UCLA broadcaster set to launch mental health website in wake of suicides | Los Angeles Times

Lewin hopes to dovetail his project with UCLA’s Grand Challenges initiative, which is conducting a comprehensive depression study of 100,000 people to help better understand the disease and formulate more effective treatment methods. The broadcaster said he is scheduled to meet with school officials later this month to see how their endeavors might benefit each other.

UCLA awarded $9.3 million to treat underserved men with prostate cancer | Los Angeles Business Journal

“With this program, the state of California made a statement that nobody should be left behind, said Dr. Mark Litwin, a professor of urology at the Jonsson cancer center and a founding director of the IMPACT program, in a statement. “Our goal from the beginning has always been to provide treatment to the underserved.”

How L.A. can gain housing (and transit ridership) without infuriating the neighbors | Los Angeles Times Opinion

(Commentary written by UCLA’s Donald Shoup) Higher density will create more housing and increase transit ridership, but many homeowners view higher density as a bad neighbor. If a developer demolishes a single-family home to build a four-story box, the developer makes money, the new residents gain housing, and the transit system gets more riders, but the nearby homeowners get stuck with an outsized eyesore.

Older adults have mental health needs, too | Sacramento Bee Opinion

(Commentary written by UCLA’s Janet Frank) They write that 50 percent of serious mental illness takes root by age 14, and 75 percent by age 25. That means 25 percent of serious mental illness occurs after that age. Don’t one-quarter of Californians with later onset mental illness deserve prevention and early intervention services?

The era of megafires: the crisis facing California and what will happen next | Guardian (U.K.) Opinion

(Commentary co-written by UCLA’s Daniel Swain) California is no stranger to fire. The temperate winters and reliably dry summers that make the Golden state such an attractive place to live are the same conditions that make this region among the most flammable places on Earth.

Mom still matters, psychologists report | Science Daily

“Our study suggests mom still matters,” said Jennifer Silvers, a UCLA assistant professor of psychology and senior author of the study. “Parents continue to have an enduring impact on their children as they become adults — and on their decision-making.”

Treating pain with magnetic fields | Medical News Today

“Much of mainstream modern medicine centers on using pharmaceuticals to make chemical or molecular changes inside the body to treat disease,” said UCLA’s Dino Di Carlo. “However, recent breakthroughs in the control of forces at small scales have opened up a new treatment idea — using physical force to kick-start helpful changes inside cells. There’s a long way to go, but this early work shows this path toward so-called ‘mechanoceuticals’ is a promising one.” (UCLA’s Andy Kah Ping Tay is also quoted)