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U.S.-China friction threatens to undercut the fight against climate change | New York Times

“It takes the pressure off of greater ambition and faster action,” said Alex Wang, a University of California Los Angeles law professor who follows China’s environmental policy, of the United States-China tensions. “If you’re coming from the perspective that we’re already way behind, then the current dynamic is bad.”

Without proof, CBD is finding a niche as a cure-all | NBC News

“Certainly there is therapeutic potential from CBD, but the amount of human data is minuscule, and popular access and consumption have far outpaced the science,” said [UCLA’s Dr. Jeffrey] Chen, executive director of the Cannabis Research Initiative at the University of California, Los Angeles. “So if you’re going to take it, you have to understand there is little data and you have to be very careful about the source and you need to talk to your doctor about how it might interact with other drugs you are taking.”

UCLA researchers reveal ‘chemo brain’ is real | KTLA-TV

The researchers conducted a study of breast cancer survivors. It’s commonly thought that cancer treatments may accelerate the aging of cells. They examined whether the health of cells along with DNA damage were associated with declining cognitive performance. Results showed some cancer patients who have received chemotherapy and radiation can experience cognitive decline.

A California family’s donation leads to the Smithsonian’s first permanent Latino gallery | NBC News

The introduction of the new gallery comes months after the release of a report titled “Invisible No More,” from UCLA’s Latino Policy and Politics Initiative, which found that the Smithsonian failed to act on recommendations from the Institution’s 1994 report that would increase Latino representation across its institute. One of these recommendations included working with Congress to launch a new Latino museum.

Researchers say they’ve created universal cancer test that detects mutating cells in 10 minutes | Smithsonian

Dino Di Carlo, the director of cancer nanotechnology at the University of California, Los Angeles’ cancer center, was not involved in the study, but he tells USA Today’s Lam that he’s more concerned about the potential for false positives than the test’s accuracy rate.

China launches historic mission to the moon’s far side | NBC News

“Anything we land on the moon is significant, but this one is especially so,” David Paige, a planetary scientist at the University of California, Los Angeles, said of the mission.

What we can learn from reading Plath’s copy of ‘The Great Gatsby’ | The Conversation

At the University of California, Los Angeles, librarians are developing ways to discover marginalia [the study of words written in the margins of historic texts] digitally — and quickly — across large digital collections.

Storm covers Grapevine in snow, forcing I-5 to close | San Francisco Chronicle

The storm’s strength came from a cutoff system of high pressure that spun offshore from Los Angeles, generating a region of locally torrential downpours, thunderstorms, flash flooding and low-elevation snow, UCLA climatologist Daniel Swain explained on Twitter.

Democrats want to increase scrutiny of privately run immigration detention | NBC News

The report’s researchers found that 48 percent of detainees were confined at least once in a facility that was more than 60 miles away from the nearest nonprofit immigration defense attorney that specialized in defending immigrants threatened with removal. In addition, 26 percent was held at a facility 90 miles away and 22 percent was 120 miles from that legal help, according to the report by Dr. Emily Ryo, an associate professor at the University of Southern California Gould School of Law, and Ian Peacock, a sociology graduate student at the University of California, Los Angeles.

L.A. Metro considering adding congestion pricing to jammed freeways | Daily Breeze

“Congestion pricing worldwide is the only strategy to be proven successful to reduce congestion in 100 cities all over the world,” said Martin Wachs, a former researcher at the RAND Corporation and UCLA professor emeritus studying transportation and urban planning.

What worries experts most about the future? | Motherboard

“Plastic. Its beauty when shaped into colorful objects, and our need for these objects for everything from storing food to medical devices, is now built into how our world works, preventing us from dealing responsibly with plastic’s devastation of waterways, birds, and our future,” said UCLA’s Nina Eidsheim.

How undergrad students are introducing cannabis education at UCLA | L.A. Taco

The inaugural run of a student-run weed class at UCLA is finishing out for the year. The lecture series, dubbed Cannabis 101, is a twice-monthly session created by UCLA’s new cannabis-centric club, Cannaclub. Formed in February in an attempt to dispel stigma surrounding weed, and help connect students with jobs in the exploding legal cannabis industry, Cannaclub consists of a core 30 to 40 members with hundreds more connected through social media and an email chain…. [UCLA’s] Eugenio Castro and his fellow club board members designed the syllabus for Cannabis 101, which combines UCLA’s own pool of professors with real-world professionals and notable figures in the local cannabis industry.