UCLA In the News December 6, 2017

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Science of Santa Ana winds linked to California wildfires | Forbes

Professor Marilyn Raphael, a climatologist at UCLA, has published a robust climatology of Santa Ana winds using a 33-year dataset. Her paper in the journal Earth Interactions identified the following characteristics of Santa Ana winds: A synoptic meteorology setup in which surface high pressure is over the Great Basin simultaneously with a surface low offshore of southern California.

Patagonia, REI and politics of ‘president stole your land’ | The Atlantic

Aimee Drolet Rossi, a professor of marketing at UCLA’s School of Management, was not surprised that Patagonia and REI — as well as North Face and Arc’teryx, two brands that are donating money in support of preserving public lands — decided to take a side in this particular political debate. She says that both brands are well defined — as selling clothing to outdoorsy (i.e., liberal) types — and this made their calculation easy.

Medical schools looking to end student debt | New York Times

One such program is at David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, where a $100-million fund, announced several years ago, covers the entire cost of medical school for all four years, including tuition, fees, books and living expenses for roughly 20 percent of its students.

What made the hypnosis scene in ‘Get Out’ so terrifying | The Atlantic

The Sunken Place is so potent as a symbol that it’s already become a piece of cultural shorthand (and the centerpiece of a course taught at UCLA on the “Black Horror Aesthetic”).

The desirability of storytellers | The Atlantic

“It’s often said that telling stories, and other cultural practices such as singing and dancing, help group cooperation, but real-world tests of this idea are not common,” says Michael Chwe, a political scientist at the University of California, Los Angeles, who studies human cooperation. “The team’s attempt to do this is admirable.”

Arctic ice loss could spell more drought for state | San Francisco Chronicle

Stanford University Earth system scientist Noah Diffenbaugh and UCLA climate researcher Daniel Swain have suggested that upticks in greenhouse gases have created conditions favorable to high-pressure systems, which generally push the east-moving Pacific storm track northward and result in dry conditions in California. (Also: Phys.org)

Bioelectronic medicine is fast-growing alternative | Boston Globe

Doctors are used to thinking about biochemistry and molecules, says Dr. Ian Cook, a professor of psychiatry at UCLA and the chief medical officer at NeuroSigma, the company developing a bioelectronic treatment for ADHD. “This idea of thinking about magnetic fields and electrical signals is a bit out of the box,” he says, and it will take time for physicians to understand and become comfortable with the new treatments.

UN official to visit U.S. cities to look at homeless population | KPCC-FM

“Given that the United States is one of the wealthiest nations in the world, it is somewhat surprising that the poverty levels are so high. We expect that [they] will find there are serious human rights violations here in the southland and in Orange County,” said UCLA’s Eve Garrow. [Audio download] (Approx. 00:30 mark)

California wildfires worse because of lack of rain | KCRW-FM

“In a typical year it’s already started raining, at least a couple of times, gotten that moisture to increase in that dry vegetation from the summer,” said UCLA’s Daniel Swain. [Audio download] (Approx. 01:35 mark)

2017 is California’s worst year for wildfires on record | KPCC-FM

UCLA geographer Glen MacDonald said it’s especially hard to fight fires in Santa Ana conditions. “You can’t use a lot of air resource, which we’ve really come to depend more and more on,” he said.

Latest gun bill’s effect on women fleeing abuse | HuffPost

“If this law gets passed, it will be the state with the easiest permit requirements that will define the permitting requirements for every state,” said Adam Winkler, a gun policy expert and law professor at UCLA. “A state that is willing to give permits to people with a history of domestic violence will undermine the laws of many other states that are trying to restrict abusers.”

How much federal land could be at stake under Trump | Mother Jones

“Even under a more ordinary Republican administration, the public use planning process is more favorable to extraction,” says UCLA law professor Sean Hecht, who specializes in environment and public lands. “[Interior’s] job is to look ahead next five years or longer to figure out how to designate what areas of the national forest are protected.”

Think before you drink | HealthDay

“The holidays generate both positive and negative emotions, and drinking is one of the methods that people often use to cope,” said Dr. Karen Miotto, a clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of California, Los Angeles. (Also: Medical Xpress, Health, U.S. News & World Report)

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