UCLA In the News February 12, 2018

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For a better marriage, act like a single person | New York Times

As the UCLA social psychologist Benjamin Karney told me, “‘You are my everything’ is not the best recipe for a happy marriage.” Research his team will present next month at the annual conference of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology found that having supportive friendships is associated with more satisfying marriages, even among couples already content with the support they get from each other. “Even the happiest couples have something to gain by nurturing relationships with people outside their marriage,” he said.

Flu deaths hit high, but outbreak shows signs of easing | Los Angeles Times

At UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica, patients who show up in the ER are tested for Influenza A, B as well as RSV. In the last few weeks, many older adults who are sick have turned out to have RSV, said Dr. Wally Ghurabi, the hospital’s ER director. “I’m surprised,” Ghurabi said. “If we didn’t have that testing, honestly and truly, we probably would not have caught it.”

Sexual misconduct accusations against assemblywoman twist gender dynamics | Los Angeles Times

Abigail Saguy, a professor of sociology and gender at UCLA, said reports of women harassing men have been rare in part because the power dynamic, often a driver of harassing behavior, favors men in the workplace. She also said culturally, women are seen as a “subordinated gender.” “There’s quite a bit of social expectation that women wouldn’t be sexual harassers,” said Saguy, author of “What is Sexual Harassment?”

Can marijuana replace opioids to treat pain, addiction? | KCBS-LA

“Cannabis probably can certainly help with pain,” Dr. Timothy Fong, addiction specialist at the University of California, Los Angeles, told CBS2 News. Fong, an executive member of the UCLA Cannabis Research Initiative, said it is not clear what type of pain marijuana would be effective in treating. He said he hopes his research will be able to zero in on whether some pain that gets treated with opioids — back, headache and stomach, as examples — can be alleviated with pot.

L.A. Unified begins tough search for superintendent | Los Angeles Times

Candidates likely to appeal to a politically divided board can’t hold extreme views on charter schools, said Pedro Noguera, a professor at the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies at UCLA. “As long as the person is perceived to be neither charter hostile or overly friendly, they should not be ruled out as a candidate,” he wrote in an email.

County set to build first new freeway in 25 years | Los Angeles Times

But Brian Taylor, director of UCLA’s Institute of Transportation Studies, described the situation as “the freeway builder’s dilemma: Construction in advance of anticipated demand is a risky proposition, and investors want to see immediate returns.” Still, Taylor said he was surprised “that things have progressed so quickly on this project up to this point.”

Were retail jobs always low wage, few benefits? | Marketplace

Retailers also saved money by shifting workers into part-time positions with constantly changing schedules organized around the flow of customers. “You just have more and more retailers saying we want 24/7 availability,” said Chris Tilly, who teaches at UCLA and co-wrote a book about retail jobs called “Where Bad Jobs Are Better.” “If you want to work for us, you have to say that you’ll work anytime we want you to work,” Tilly said. 

Tool may identify drugs for asthma, hypertension | Health Medicine Network

“Our tool tracks how much force individual cells exert over time, and how they react when they are exposed to different compounds or drugs,” said Dino Di Carlo, professor of bioengineering at the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science and the project’s principal investigator. “It’s like a microscopic fitness test for cells with thousands of parallel stations.” (Also: Medical Xpress, Scienmag)

Geographic diversity in college admissions | Forbes

After all, colleges want a balanced class that is representative of the world. According to Scott Wilson, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admission at UCLA, “A part of what makes UCLA so diverse is the number of students we bring from across the United States and the country. If you choose to attend college outside of the New York City area, you will absolutely be adding to your campus’ diversity and providing a unique perspective to the classroom and among your classmates.”

Don’t make it more difficult for workers to recover stolen pay | Fresno Bee

A landmark UCLA study calculated that more than $1 billion in wages is stolen each year in Los Angeles alone. Wage theft also worsens income and racial inequality by taking the biggest toll on women, Latinos, African Americans and immigrants.

Democrats can win on immigration | New York Times

(Commentary written by UCLA’s Matt Barreto) Data speaks louder than punditry, and our regression analysis of survey data paints a clear picture. Exposure to Mr. Gillespie’s MS-13 ads actually helped drive white college-educated voters away from the Republicans. When we analyzed findings for white independents and Republicans, voters who were aware of the MS-13 ads were significantly more likely to vote for Mr. Gillespie’s Democratic opponent.

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