UCLA In the News February 28, 2017

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Political tribalism may come back to haunt Trump | CNBC

As the U.S. Census projects America will become a majority minority nation within three decades, psychologists at UCLA in a 2015 study found fear among whites of losing their status as the “prototypical” ethnic group. That fear, they wrote, represents “a novel, emerging source of resistance toward diversity in 21st Century America.”

Navigating business world as medical marijuana farmer | NPR’s “Marketplace”

“It hasn’t been very easy for the average lay person to participate in this industry but this is kind of one way to enter in to that industry," said UCLA’s Paul Habibi.... If this novelty approach pays off, other unique industries might give REITs a chance. (Approx. 02:17 mark) [Audio download]

Gun violence is a public health crisis | U.S. News & World Report

According to the American Public Health Association, last year gun violence took the lives of almost 33,000 Americans. Another 85,000 Americans sustained injuries from guns, many of them life-shattering. The price tag for gun violence was $229 billion last year for health care, law enforcement, insurance, employment and other costs. (Commentary written by UCLA’s Jonathan Fielding)

What Moonlight’s win means in push for diversity | KPCC-FM’s “Take Two”

“The people making decisions are making decisions based on what they think might be viable, or what they think audiences want to see, which is often out of step with the reality of what’s happening in today’s multicultural marketplace,” [UCLA’s Darnell Hunt] said.

Oroville Dam shows urgent need for climate adaptation | Sacramento Bee

California leads the world in climate science, greenhouse gas reduction strategies and climate mitigation investments, but we have largely neglected our responsibility to make the state more resilient to climate change. Currently, there is no mechanism to fund adaptation research and implementation projects that comes close to matching the scale of our challenges. (Commentary co-written by UCLA’s Alex Hall and Mark Gold)

Confusing food labels are about to get simpler | Medical Xpress

“This is a great idea,” said Michael Roberts, executive director of the UCLA Resnick Program for Food Law and Policy and UC Global Food Initiative subcommittee member. “Hopefully, it will not only eliminate confusion from consumers but also reduce food waste. Most consumers want to be safe and cautious. Too often, they’re throwing food away before it needs to be thrown away.”

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