UCLA In the News February 9, 2018

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What our digital devices may be revealing about us | NBC News

“It really demonstrates our inability to comprehend the consequences of what we’re sharing,” says Dr. Mani Srivastava, a UCLA professor with a special interest in security and privacy issues arising from the use of mobile devices.

The ‘manly’ jobs problem | New York Times

“Sexual harassment is often a way in which the men reaffirm women’s femininity, say this is who you are, back in your place,” [UCLA Professor Abigail] Saguy said. “At the same time, women will play up their femininity and flirt a little bit, and play along with some of the stereotypes of femininity to be accepted.”

$6.5 million gift to benefit Bruins basketball programs | Los Angeles Times

The donation from Jodi and Michael Price will establish the Michael Price Family UCLA Basketball Excellence Program to support both the men’s and women’s teams equally at the discretion of their respective head coaches and Bruins athletic director Dan Guerrero. It’s expected that the money will fund new development programs and initiatives.

Economists support 2 percent inflation target | Wall Street Journal

Some economists said that while they support sticking with the 2% goal, they would be open to including a range between readings slightly below and above the target. David Shulman, senior economist at UCLA Anderson Forecast, suggested a range of between 1.5% and 2.5%.

Major psychiatric disorders have much in common | NPR

These psychiatric disorders are diagnosed by how a patient behaves. There are no clear signs on a brain “that you can see with your eyes or most microscopic techniques,” says Dan Geschwind, a professor of neurogenetics at the University of California, Los Angeles. His team’s findings were published in Science this week. (Also: Washington Post, Scientific American, The Scientist, HealthDay)

The evolution of low-wage, low-benefit retail jobs | KPCC-FM’s “Marketplace”

Retailers also saved money by shifting workers into part-time positions with constantly changing schedules organized around the flow of customers. “You just have more and more retailers saying we want 24/7 availability,” said Chris Tilly, who teaches at UCLA and co-wrote a book about retail jobs called “Where Bad Jobs Are Better.” “If you want to work for us, you have to say that you’ll work anytime we want you to work.” 

What’s driving the surge in SoCal car purchases | Los Angeles Daily News

The Los Angeles Times has recently reported that public transit agencies “have watched their ridership numbers fall off a cliff over the last five years,” with multi-year decreases in mass transit use by up to 25 percent. And a new UCLA Institute of Transportation study has found that increasing car ownership is the prime factor for the dive in usage… As one of the study’s authors, Michael Manville, put it “That exploding level of new automobile ownership is largely incompatible with a lot of transit ridership.”

Can marijuana help ease the opioid epidemic? | Mercury News

A question asked by some UCLA researchers might seem like an oxymoron for anyone raised on the now debunked “gateway” theory, the one that says using marijuana leads to using harder drugs: Can cannabis play a role in easing the nation’s opioid epidemic? That idea is one of many being explored at UCLA’s new Cannabis Research Initiative.

Doubts over Hollywood’s commitment to #MeToo | The Guardian (U.K.)

Darnell Hunt, a University of California, Los Angeles, professor whose research has exposed the lack of diversity in film and television, said the cancellations were “unfortunate, given the current cultural environment where women are speaking up about their traditional marginalization in society and wanting more of their stories to be heard.”

Dunkin’ Donuts will switch to paper cups by 2020 | Washington Post

“More and more this is the trend,” Magali Delmas, a UCLA economist who studies the environmental decisions companies and consumers make, told the Post. “It’s really not just a question of changing consumer behaviors, but there are also socially responsible investors, and I think companies are trying to be responsive to those investors.”

Why hundreds of birds invaded a Houston gas station | New York Post

UCLA Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Professor Thomas Smith speculated that the lights may have confused them. “They are not feeding,” he told BuzzFeed. “I don’t recall ever seeing this before.”

UCLA tribute to director Michael Curtiz continues | LA Weekly

UCLA’s tribute to Michael Curtiz (prompted by the release of Alan K. Rode’s new biography) continues with one of the studio director’s most famous: “Mildred Pierce.”

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