UCLA In the News January 14, 2016

Zoning laws lead to racial and economic segregation | Bloomberg View

A new study from Michael Lens and Paavo Monkkonen of the University of California-Los Angeles provides confirmation. They find that government restrictions are causing income segregation in U.S. cities. In particular, the wealthy are being separated from the upper-middle class, who in turn are being isolated from the working class. The more zoning a city has, the more segregated it is.

L.A.’s fight against traffic | Newsweek

Brian Taylor, an urbanist at the University of California, Los Angeles, has offered an ingenious argument: Traffic is a sign of urban health, one we should embrace as we do a newborn’s regular excretions…. “Cities exist because they promote social interactions and economic transactions,” Taylor wrote in a recent paper. “Traffic congestion occurs where lots of people pursue these ends simultaneously in limited spaces. Culturally and economically vibrant cities have the worst congestion problems, while declining and depressed cities don’t have much traffic.”

In State of the Union, Obama touches on voting rights | KCRW-FM’s “To the Point”

“In the sense that clearly what makes his presidency significant is the kind of things that he couldn’t directly talk about, and voting is one of them,” said UCLA’s Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw. “I would say overall, I left with a sense that he is fully aware that there were many hopes that were pinned upon his presidency that were probably unrealistic…. Is it really that he was completely unable to because of the political moment? Or he doesn’t have the orientation to say these things, partly because every time he has talked about race, it has engendered such a significant backlash.” [Crenshaw at 6:45]

New superintendent is LAUSD insider | KCRW-FM “Which Way, L.A.?”

“I can’t speculate on what were the factors that led to the choice of Ms. King,” said UCLA’s Pedro Nogeura. “… The advantage she has is she knows what the issues are, she doesn’t have to take a long time assembling a team. Hopefully she can hit the ground running.”[Noguera at 6 minutes]

Porter Ranch leak poses serious health concerns | LA Daily News

“When a substantial population of people are exposed to elevated levels of benzene, that should be a concern,” said Dr. Michael Jerrett, professor and chairman of the UCLA Department of Environmental Health Sciences. Jerrett headed a long-term benzene study in Toronto, where he found it was related to lung cancer, and he plans to conduct independent tests in Porter Ranch.

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