UCLA In the News January 22, 2016

Environmental impact of Uber and Lyft | The Guardian

In terms of the environment, early research suggests that companies like Lyft and Uber may have a positive impact, according to Juan Matute, a transportation expert at UCLA. That’s partly because people may take public transit more often if they are certain they can later use a ride service…. Right now, “it’s still very expensive for somebody to exclusively rely on these services in any market,” Matute said.

Building evidence for ninth planet | Smithsonian

The calculations could also give false certainty. “I worry that the finding of a single new object that is not in the group [of the six Kuiper belt objects] would destroy the whole edifice,” says Dave Jewitt, a planetary scientist at UC Los Angeles, Hand reports. “It’s a game of sticks with only six sticks.”

Don’t be fooled by television’s façade of diversity | Associated Press

But Darnell Hunt, head of UCLA’s Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American studies, cautions against viewing gestures of diversity as representations of deeper progress. “I don’t think most of the public is aware of what goes on behind the scenes and how exclusionary the business really is — particularly if you see people of color on screen, which you do increasingly see on television,” says Hunt. “But if you look behind the scenes, you don’t see nearly as much diversity.” (Also: Forbes)

Hollywood takes on Wall Street | Bloomberg

“We have been through some kind of a financial roller coaster in the last decade or so,” said Jonathan Kuntz, a film historian who teaches at the University of California at Los Angeles. “The challenge of course is to make it dramatically interesting.”

In Asia and Africa, arranged marriage had economic benefits | Economist

Marriages cement ties between families. This can act as a kind of insurance, [UCLA’s Garbriela] Rubio argues. If one family raises pigs and the other grows rice, the pig farmers can help the rice-growers in years when the rice crop fails, and vice versa.

Herb Alpert School of Music will be first of its kind in UC system | KPCC-FM

Previously, UCLA’s departments of music and ethnomusicology were in the School of Art and Architecture. The musicology department was part of UCLA College’s Humanities division. Now, these departments will be fused together into one school of music. “It’ll be easier to make changes and to form programs that help integrate across the three departments,” said Judith Smith, interim dean of the new school…. “It really has the scope, I think, that will position UCLA to be a global leader.”

The insomnia that powers Hollywood | Hollywood Reporter

“New research says that not getting enough deep sleep increases your risk for Alzheimer’s,” says Gary Small, professor of psychiatry at UCLA. “When you’re asleep, the brain is acting; sleep is anti-inflammatory and restorative. It can clear out some of the abnormal protein in the brain that causes Alzheimer’s.”

Presidential candidates struggle to turn out the Latino vote | KPCC-FM’s “Take Two”

“I think something that jumps out is the relative age of Latinos. Our median age in this country 28, compared to 43 for white non-Hispanics,” said UCLA’s Matt Barretto. “…We need to have new strategies and think very smart about how we’re engaging, not just Latinos, but young Latinos, millenials, into the political process.”

As Uber moves into LAX, taxis lose last stronghold | KPCC-FM

While business as a whole dropped 18 percent after Lyft and Uber came to town in 2013, airport rides during the same period were up 15 percent, according to the UCLA Labor Center. It helps that those are the most lucrative trips for drivers. 

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