UCLA In the News July 10, 2018

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UCLA’s Battlebots team prepares for competition in RoboGames | PC

Inside UCLA’s Boelter Hall, the university’s Battlebots team works on several categories of robots, including 60-pound and 3-pound drum spinners, “thwackbots” and horizontal spinners — all combat robots, with both drive and weapon systems — for arena-style battlescapes. This is the primary project of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) student section at UCLA.

More conservative Supreme Court could step, not lurch, to the right | Washington Post

Richard M. Re, a UCLA law professor and former Kennedy clerk, dubbed the approach of the Roberts court in those cases “the doctrine of one last chance.” That refers to the fact that Roberts had given Congress a chance to act to avoid a reckoning. Re said that could be seen as a form of judicial restraint. But it also gives the court more authority when it makes a later, more dramatic ruling. “Even as it recounts the somber need to avoid important questions, the court seems to know, or hope, that its first chance to decide will not be the last,” he wrote.

South Korean women protest against hidden spy cameras | KPCC-FM’s “AirTalk”

“A lot of women, especially a lot of young women in their twenties and thirties, are protesting not only against the hidden camera issue but all kinds of violence against women that go unpunished. I think we have to consider this not just as a spycam issue but as part of a larger campaign against pervasive misogyny,” says UCLA’s Ju Hui Han.

Time to stop wasting rain water | Los Angeles Daily News Opinion

(Commentary written by UCLA’s Richard Jackson) Since the 1930s, the policy has been to flush that water through storm drains and out into the ocean. As a result, we have watched countless gallons of pure rainwater, which could otherwise be smartly captured and treated, literally wash away. On July 17, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors will consider a proposal to address this problem and, in so doing, take an important step toward improving public health. The Department of Public Works is putting forth the “Safe, Clean Water Program” and potential funding measure to capture, clean and conserve stormwater in communities across the county.

Supreme Court’s liberals should follow conservative Rehnquist’s lead | Los Angeles Times Opinion

(Commentary written by UCLA’s Jon Michaels) Some progressives are mustering for protests now and for “court packing” later, when Democrats regain power. Some would like to waylay the nominee’s confirmation a la Merrick Garland’s. Some suggest pivoting to state courts that are potentially more receptive to the rights of workers, women and minorities. There is something else that can be done — something easy to implement and likely to pay dividends for years to come. Starting this October, the four progressive justices can be more strident, inventive and ambitious in their dissents.

Cement producers are developing a plan to reduce CO2 emissions | E&E News via Scientific American

“Little has changed about the production process, according to Gaurav Sant, a professor of civil and environmental engineering at UCLA. “There have been improvements in process efficiencies, but broadly speaking it’s not that different.… Because we’ve used this material for as long as we have, there’s a lot of user confidence associated with it,” Sant said. This may have made the industry more resistant than others to innovation.

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