UCLA In the News July 26, 2017

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Court blocks enforcement of district’s concealed-carry law | Washington Post

Adam Winkler, a University of California at Los Angeles law professor who has written extensively on the Second Amendment, said he expects the full D.C. Circuit will put Tuesday’s decision on hold. “Given the importance of this issue and the prospect that so many of the judges on the D.C. court might not want guns on their streets, they are likely to take this case,” Winkler said.

DNA testing could help diagnose children’s cases | WCBS-TV (New York)

“Oftentimes we’re now turning to exome sequencing — sequencing every single protein-coding gene in one fell swoop — as the go-to diagnostic test,” Dr. Stanley Nelson from UCLA Health said. (UCLA’s Dr. Julian Martinez also quoted)

CTE seen in brains of former NFL players | KTTV-TV (Los Angeles)

“If you don’t read beyond the headline, you miss a lot of the substance.… We know this condition exists,” said UCLA’s Dr. Christopher Giza.

What happens to transgender military now serving? | Business Insider

A 2014 study by The Williams Institute at the University of California, Los Angeles, pegs the number [transgender service members on active duty] at closer to 15,500, including those on active duty or serving in the National Guard or Reserve forces. The Williams Institute study estimates that there are 134,300 transgender veterans and retired Guard or Reserve service members.

Advice for those on the academic job market | Inside Higher Ed

(Column by UCLA’s David Shorter) So you’ve been on the academic job market, and it didn’t pan out. If you graduated after 2014, not having a job after earning your degree puts you among roughly 40 percent of all recent graduates. In the humanities alone, the percentage of recent doctorates without employment commitments is almost 50 percent, according to some studies. Let’s begin, then, by acknowledging that if you didn’t get a job in your first or second year out, you’re not alone by far.

‘Stroke of the eye’ symptoms need immediate attention | KCBS-TV

Two ophthalmologists couldn’t figure out what was wrong. They sent the 73-year-old to neuro-ophthalmologist Dr. Peter Quiros, of the Doheny Eye Institute UCLA. He diagnosed him with ‘Stroke of the Eye.” “It’s an interruption of blood flow to the optic nerve,” Quiros says. “It’s really sudden, painless vision loss when people wake up in the morning.” … “This disease is the most common optic nerve disorder in patients over 50,” Quiros says. Still Quirios says it’s often misdiagnosed and time is critical.

UCLA Health aims to connect patients to services, data | Healthcare Informatics

Healthcare IT leaders are moving ahead in a number of directions at UCLA Health, the four-hospital, 2,000-physician integrated health system in Los Angeles. As the organization advances in its work on data-sharing, on the leveraging of data analytics to support accountable care and population health work, and on patient/healthcare consumer engagement, the health care IT team at UCLA Health is moving forward under the leadership of Michael Pfeffer, M.D., the organization’s vice chancellor and CIO…. Dr. Pfeffer shared his perspectives on the various initiatives he’s helping to lead, as well as on his work as a CIO who continues to practice as a physician.

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