UCLA In the News July 6, 2017

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UCLA hits the right notes in new course in klezmer music | Jewish Journal

With its clarinets, accordion, trombone and trumpet, the Klezmer Music Ensemble at UCLA has emerged this year from a class in the Herb Alpert School of Music, Department of Ethnomusicology, and the group is breathing new life into music that originated in southeastern Europe and spread throughout Europe where Jewish populations were present. The UCLA group, which is available for performances, is made up of nine students with a passion for the genre, and fewer than half of them are Jewish. The UCLA course was started by Mark Kligman, the Mickey Katz Endowed Chair in Jewish Music, and Michel Klein, the ensemble’s leader, and it studies a variety of recordings, from pre-World War II European klezmer to contemporary experimental music.

UCLA study finds pet owners are different | Psychology Today

So if we really want to understand the effects of companion animals on human health, we also need to know how pet owners and non-pet owners differ in terms of basic demographics. Investigators from the Rand Corporation and UCLA used a large data set to address this question. Recently published in the journal PLOS One, their research report offers important insights into the differences between pet and non-pet owners and the impact of pets on our health. 

“Hawaii Five-0” shakeup points to disparity in pay, numbers | Washington Post

Asian Americans made up 4 percent of the hundreds of roles on scripted broadcast shows during the 2014-15 season, according to a UCLA study. (Also: LA Weekly)

What killed single-payer in California? | New Republic

Another issue was that there wasn’t a broad coalition of labor behind the bill. “Labor traditionally is a supporter of universal access of care, not just in California, but nationally,” Gerald Kominski, professor of health policy and management at UCLA, told the New Republic.

Outfest celebrates 35 years | KPCC-FM

“Sadly, we’re facing a lot of the same issues today that caused people to come together and begin ‘Outfest’ in 1982. There’s a lack of representation, there’s a lack of affirming representation and not everybody has access to these stories. So a group of students and professors on the campus of UCLA came together and created a 3-day media conference. Small, only a handful of films, a few panels and that’s how we began. And fast-forward 35 years later. We’re an organization with worldwide impact,” said Outfest’s executive director, Christopher Racster. (Also: Los Angeles Times and The Advocate)

NantWorks to take over six California hospitals | Los Angeles Times

Gerald Kominski, director of the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, said getting into the hospital business could give those initiatives a boost. “It makes sense to me that this would be a way to guarantee faster adoption of some of the products of some of his companies,” Kominski said. “The ability of a hospital administrator to dictate clinical practice is limited, but that doesn’t mean there’s no influence.”

Many Middle Eastern nations cut ties with Qatar | CNBC’s “The Rundown”

“This is ultimately about two issues for the Qatari government. It has to do with notions of sovereignty and what they perceive to be a double standard,” said UCLA’s Benjamin Radd.

How Democrats can win back working-class votes | Los Angeles Daily News

(Commentary by UCLA’s Courtney Powers) Democrats fail to understand these voters’ way of life, and the recent challenges that further isolate working-class voters from the “coastal elites” who dominate the Democratic Party. In the Central Valley, plunging gas prices have decimated jobs and opioid overdoses have skyrocketed. Voters here play second fiddle to coastal elites who hoard their water; raise taxes on the gas they produce to pay for road repairs they will never see, and speak with the kind of arrogant authority claimed by those with fancy college degrees. 

California courts disagree about gun magazine ban | Bloomberg Radio

“The judge here, Judge Robert Benitez, of the federal district court here in California, said that the government did not provide sufficient evidence to support the argument that banning these magazines would enhance public safety,” said UCLA’s Adam Winkler.

How to protect yourself from ticks | CNN’s “Michaela”

“We usually think of deer as carrying the ticks, but it’s actually mice that are the carriers for ticks this season,” said UCLA’s Dr. Nina Shapiro. 

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