UCLA In the News June 18, 2018

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Charter school backers on shaky ground in California | Los Angeles Times

“During Gov. Brown’s tenure, there was a pause of sorts on questions about what to do about charters, about whether the state should assert a more robust role in terms of questions about regulations,” said John Rogers, director of UCLA’s Institute for Democracy, Education and Access.

A fix for New York’s parking problems | New York Times Opinion

(Commentary written by UCLA’s Donald Shoup) Drivers hunting for an open spot will circle the block, wasting fuel, congesting traffic and polluting the air. One approach is to charge for on-street parking. But how much? And how do you make it politically acceptable in a city where drivers are used to paying nothing?

Conserving water in L.A. | KCRW-FM’s “Good Food”

“We have this interesting dynamic where last year was such a wet year that from the standpoint of the status of our water supply for people, our reservoirs are doing OK,” said UCLA’s Mark Gold. “But from the standpoint of precipitation for outdoor landscaping and for our biodiversity … it’s been absolutely miserable.”

Paraguay is malaria-free | Univision

“You have to make sure that there is no reintroduction of malaria once it is eradicated. You have to stay vigilant,” said UCLA’s Robert Kim-Farley. (Translated from Spanish)

Labor unions preparing for Supreme Court decision | KPCC-FM

“What we find is that when union density declines, wages and labor standards within that industry decline. And so, this attack on unions will have widespread impact with regard to growing economic inequality and undermining of labor standards,” said UCLA’s Kent Wong. (Approx. 3:00 mark – audio download)

Judge orders Paul Manafort to jail | Los Angeles Times

Harry Litman, a former federal prosecutor and law professor at [UCLA], said Manafort is now facing “maximum pressure” to cut a deal with special counsel Robert S. Mueller III, who has been investigating Russian interference with the presidential election. Because the charges against Manafort have been so well documented, Litman said, his risk of losing at trial is high, and if convicted, “absent cooperation, he will never get out of prison.”

The legal issues behind separating children from families | Washington Post

Hiroshi Motomura, Susan Westerberg Prager Professor of Law at the University of California at Los Angeles, explained by phone that those separations stem from a change in the treatment of the adults.  “The key shift here is to go to criminal prosecution of the parents that are caught, combined with the practice of not releasing them,” Motomura said. “So if they release them on bond of something like this, that would not require the separation.” (Also: Globe and Mail)

UCLA 2018 commencement in photos | Los Angeles Daily News

Graduates celebrated during UCLA’s commencement in Pauley Pavilion on Friday.

How can housing be less expensive? | Sacramento Bee

“There is no question that access to affordable housing is a top issue facing California,” said UCLA’s Matt Baretto…. “The bottom line is we have to create incentives, or else requirements, for builders to pursue more affordable housing developments, more transit-oriented development, and more equitable access to loans for first-time buyers.”

No correlation between weather and homeless rate | San Diego Union-Tribune Opinion

UCLA economist William Yu found no evidence in the United States of a direct correlation between the quality of the weather and rates of homelessness. Instead, homelessness in America correlated strongly with housing costs. Yes, California and Hawaii are on the short list of the areas with the highest percentage of homeless people — but so are Washington, D.C., and New York.

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