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$50 million donation to UCLA, USC and Michigan from Mitchell Trusts aims to diversify arts and entertainment programs | Los Angeles Times

On Thursday, the trusts announced they will donate $50 million to UCLA, USC and the University of Michigan’s film, theater and media programs in order to “prepare current and future generations to creatively, financially and ethically lead the increasingly complex, global and disruptive creative industries that will comprise the entertainment, performing arts and media landscape.”

Easter Island threatened by bad tourist behavior | CNN

Jo Anne Van Tilburg is an archaeologist, director of the Rock Art Archive at the University of California,  Los Angeles, and the Director of the Easter Island Statue Project. Although her life's work has been to protect and study the moai, these days she's focusing more on educating the hundreds of thousands of people who visit Easter Island on how to behave properly — on a personal level as well as an environmental one.

New York is sixth state to outlaw gay and trans ‘panic defenses’ | NBC News

A 2016 study from the Williams Institute at the University of California, Los Angeles, School of Law, found that gay and transgender panic defenses have been employed in approximately half of all states since the 1960s.

In the Green Room: UCLA Law Professor Jon D. Michaels | Zócalo Public Square

What’s the most memorable thing about working for Justice David Souter? Jon Michaels: “He’s well-known for various charming eccentricities, but I would say just his commitment to mastering the materials and coming to the right answer. Reading everything, reading everything twice. So, I guess the answer is some combination of his commitment to justice combined with his unparalleled work ethic. He’s such a model example for his clerks and pretty much everyone in the building to try to meet.”

Let’s limit Amazon customers to one delivery a month | Ozy Opinion

Prime customers could even get a monthly email reporting how their carbon footprint from orders stacks up against that of others in their region. Signaling this status could be a motivator — like fuel-efficient stickers for cars, says Deepak Rajagopal, an associate professor at UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability. Another wild idea? An app or browser extension that forces items to sit in shopping carts for 24 hours before being processed, Rajagopal suggests.

Coachella Valley police departments warn officers personal phones could be evidence | Palm Springs Desert Sun

In 2018 two professors from the UCLA School of Law co-authored a study on the significance of Lexipol’s role in what they call the “practice of privatized police policy making” and the increase in small departments seeking to manage risk and reduce the possibility of costly civil liability. Professors Ingrid Eagly and Joanna Schwartz submitted public records requests regarding Lexipol with California’s 200 largest law enforcement agencies. “95% of responding agencies with fewer than 100 officers relied on Lexipol policies,” they wrote.

‘New High for Armenian Music’: Glendale reception held for UCLA Armenian music program | The Armenian Mirror Spectator

Since 2013, Pogossian and the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music have celebrated Armenian music and culture through the Armenian Music Program, which is dedicated to public outreach through community performances and scholarship opportunities for students. The cornerstone of the program, the VEM Ensemble, includes a group of music students who perform Armenian classical and contemporary music for community audiences. (UCLA’s Ian Krouse quoted)

Southern California cities cite ‘chaos’ in rejecting state push for more housing | Los Angeles Times

A 2013 survey of academic research by a UCLA professor found no clear link between Section 8 voucher holders and increased neighborhood crime.

How 65 came to be defined as a turning point into old age | Marketplace

Once the Social Security Act was in place, according to Dora Costa, an economic historian at UCLA: “It really did say ‘OK, this is when you basically become old. It’s age 65.’ It did sort of kind of enshrine this.”

Inland Empire’s booming warehouse industry brings jobs — not health care coverage | Uncovered California

But when it comes to who is uninsured, the Inland Empire’s numbers diverge from the state as a whole. The focus statewide has been on undocumented adult residents who are not eligible for government-sponsored health coverage. Yet that group is expected to make up a lower percentage of the 490,000 uninsured in the Inland Empire than in California as a whole by 2020, according to the latest projections by the UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education and the UCLA Center for Health Policy.

New environmental DNA program makes conservation research faster, more efficient | Phys.org

A team of UCLA researchers recently launched the Anacapa Toolkit — open-source software that makes eDNA research easier, allowing researchers to detect a broad range of species quickly and producing sortable results that are simple to understand.… The result is a spreadsheet of all species found in the sample, allowing scientists to reconstruct entire biological communities from a little water or soil, said Paul Barber, UCLA ecologist and a member of the research team that created the tool. The new software could prove a boon to conservation efforts.

How to get investors to save more for retirement? Perhaps by saying hello to their future self | CNBC

So, what can we do to better connect with our future self and start planning for a more fruitful retirement? Well, you could start with what was uncovered in 2011, that interacting with an avatar or photo of your future self can boost retirement savings. Professor Hal Hershfield of UCLA’s Anderson School of Management partnered with Daniel Goldstein of Microsoft Research; Jeremy Bailenson, director of Stanford’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab; and several other Stanford researchers to see if connecting people with their future selves could affect their willingness to save for that future self.

Trump administration rule would undo health care protections for LGBTQ and other patients | Chico News and Review

California has the second-highest percentage of transgender adults of any state, after Hawaii, according to a 2016 report from the Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Law and Public Policy at UCLA’s law school.

New play ‘This World is for the Frat Bros.’ debuts at Hollywood Fringe | Broadway World

First workshopped at UCLA’s School of Theatre, this student-run and female-led play vocalizes the nebulous and liminal space of female adolescence. Written by second year undergraduate playwriting student Chloe Xtina and directed by recent directing graduate Kayla Erickson, this production is entirely student-powered.

With few role models, Native Americans struggle to access higher education | KPCC-FM

Advocates and Native American students chalk up the difficulties in accessing higher education to a number of factors, including lack of support and programs to foster a sense of inclusiveness. But some schools in the system are increasing resources for Native American students. UCLA student Denice Morales, whose ancestry is Tohono O’odham, found help from a mentor and earned her master’s degree in Native American studies.